Recorded On Yutube

  • Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends Wooden Railway Adventures Episode 6 "James, Mike and The Boulder and The Unseen Lorries" *James and Mike are Looking at The Boulder Named Boulder Up On The Cliff Benath To Take Care Of Mischief And Another Mischief. James and Mike Brought Boulder To The Docks Together and Ever Long At Last "Rock 'n' Roll!" Said Boulder "There's Duncan With The Milk Tanker" Said James Happily "I Saw That Boulder!" Hissed Duncan Crossly "Kind Of Boulder" Said Mike And Look Up at Cranky, "Cranky!" Called Mike "I Saw Boulder" "Boulder?" Cranky Asked "I Caree Him" He Said. The Next Thing James and Mike Push Thier Tar Wagons Into The Dock Yard Meanwhile Duncan was shocked of the tar wagons, "Stop!" Duncan Shouted James and Mike Pushed The Tar Wagons and Smashed Into Duncan "Ow!" Said Duncan "I'll Go" And Duncan Puffed Sadly Away. Meanwhile Cranky Was Loading Boukder and Houwsted Up and Dropped Him Off The Hook and Rolled Onto The Track, James and Mike Saw Boulder Coming Towards The Line and They Run Backwards Around The Docks and Bumped Crash Into The Shed, Boulder Went Straight To The Line, and Divared In A Siding, "Help!" Cried Boulder, Boulder Zoom Around and Crash Into The Oil Tankers. "Ouch!" Said Boulder "That Hurt!" Boulder Looked Very Cross Duncan Saw Boulder Had Accident "That Very Magic Night James and Mike Pulled Boulder Out Of The Oil Tankers and One The Breakdown Train, James and Mike Pulled Boulder Home.

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