"Join Us After the Movie..." (JN: BG VHS (Disney print) Variant) is a fan-fiction thing to make.


  • (Fades to a montage of clips from Arron Carter's "Leave It Up to Me" music video, while the chorus plays in the background.)
  • (Text: Join Us After the Movie...)
  • Jim Cummings: Right after the movie, join us for two techno-jammed music videos! Arron Carter rapping the hit single "Leave It Up to Me",...
  • (Cuts to a montage of clips from No Secrets' "Kids in America" music video, while the chorus and the lyrics break plays in the background.)
  • Jim Cummings: ...followed by No Secrets performing "Kids in America"! Both songs are from the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius soundtrack album, available from Walt Disney Records.
  • (Audio fades out while the screen fades to black)

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