O RLY?, short for "Oh, really?" is a popular Internet phenomenon, typically presented as an image macro featuring a Snowy Owl. The usual conversation flow starts with O RLY?, triggering a YA RLY ("Yes, really") response, followed by a NO WAI! ("No way"), and then possibly a YA SRSLY ("Seriously"). These may be used in combination with any number of other Internet slang expressions.

The phrase "O RLY?" is typically used in a sarcastic or sardonic manner, often in response to a statement that the speaker feels is blatantly obvious. Some Internet forum trolls may also reply O RLY? in response to a lengthy post

The phrase "o rly?" was used on the Something Awful Forums at least as early as August 2003.[2] The original "O RLY?" Snowy Owl image macro is based on a photo taken by nature photographer John White, which was posted by him to the newsgroup in 2001.[3] The snowy owl image was Photoshopped on 4chan after the word filtering of the word "repost" to "owl".[4] The typeface used for the "O RLY?" text is ITC Kabel Bold, a variant of the Kabel typeface. The owl image macro was posted or linked to on other websites, spawning many more image macros involving owls.

It is speculated that the actual Snowy Owl image is in fact stephen.

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