Camera scripting using uBASIC

The HDK includes a is a slightly modified version of the uBASIC compiler written by Adam Dunkels,

The camera is now completely scriptable with BASIC programs that simulate pressing keys

uBASIC Syntax short manual

Keywords: let, if, then, else, for, to, next, goto, gosub, return, end.

Special keywords: click, shoot, sleep.

Variables: lower latin letter from a to z. 16 bit signed integer.

Labels: This version of ubasic doesn't support line numbers. Instead, labels are used. A label must be the only statement in a line and start with a colon(:).

Special keywords syntax:

  • click "button_name"
where button_name can be one of: up, down, left, right, set, shoot_half, shoot_full, zoom_in, zoom_out, menu, display, print, erase. Corresponding button is "clicked" (pressed and released).
  • shoot
Take a picture. Procedure will return when first raw data will be ready for processing and specified time in menu had elapsed.
Warning: as two "raws" are there when shooting with long exposures this function is partially broken.
  • sleep <number>
Delay for <number> ms. Timer resolution is around 10-30 ms.

Script must be named SCRIPT.BAS and placed in the root directory on a card.

Default script follows:

sleep 1000
if a<1 then let a=2
if b<1 then let b=3
for s=1 to a
  for n=1 to b
    click "right"
  next n
next s

Note that values of variables a, b and c are set to values you can choose from the Alt. Conf. menu.

Maximum script size is 2K. A maximum of 4 nested for loops is allowed. 10 nested gosub calles are possible.

If compile/parse error occurs message with line number is shown in the upper left corner of a display.

Using labels and gosub

For complex programming tasks, it is often helpful to split the program into smaller subroutines that can be called with the gosub command. You can jump to labels using the gosub statements. A simple program that captures 3 images with increased ISO settings would look like this:

 for i=1 to 3
   gosub "incISO"
 next i
 for i=1 to 3
   gosub "decISO"
 next i

   click "menu"
   [some more clicks]

   click "menu"
   [some more clicks]

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