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I. Introdaction.

The text focusis on the education, namely the aims of education in the USA.


1. The text starts emphosising the fact, that american higher education stands on the brink of chaos.

2. For example, the present crisis stemps from the fatal education principle, that a student should not be required to do any academic work that displeased him.

3. More than that - if he prefers that to take exams, he either chooses courses that involve no exams.

4. In present time this principal have a wide machtabe - throughout the country the attempt is being made to provide students with a "liberal education" wich not required self-discipline.

5. In fact, intence mental exertion, like physocal training, involves pain and frustration.

6. NExt, besides, it is not easy to read intelligently and think precisely, but these abilities are the foundation of a sound education.

7. And very important, if a student is to learn intellectual responcibility he must be taught to recognize that not every piece of work is a good piece of work.

8. Indeed, college education have no rules. Everyone begins learning whenever he likes and stops learning whenever he likes.

III. The text conludes saing that the complex world in wich we live to acquire sufficient understanding and capability requires a rigorous education.

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