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Учебный материал, используемый на втором курсе отделения "Общей экономики"

Весенний семестр

Unit 4: Jobs - 2 h\w

Economics by Ch. Yates (Units: 1-4)б Study Guide to Economics + newspaper articles as home reading - 4 h\w

Экзаменационные требования на II курсе

Весенний семестр

Предэкзаменационная письменная часть

1. Лекция (из Unit 4\5 from Study Guide)

2. Лексико-грамматический тест (либо составляется самим преподавателем, либо используется уже готовый)

Устная часть

1. Текст по специальности (пересказ по принципам Unit 2, ответы на вопросы)

2. Problem solving (кроме управленцев)

3. ТЕма по general English (Unit 3,4)

Перечень тем, выносимых на устное обсуждение на экзамене:

1. How did the idea of career education influence the process of education?

2. What most typical problems do young people encounter?

3. What is it to be an educated person?

4. What is the vision of an educated person in the XXI century?

5. What does the American higher education stand on the brink of crisis? Does this apply to the Russian higher education?

6. The idea of career education. Why did it appear?

7. What future can you predict for liberal arts education?

8. What education is preferable to find a job - general or special?

9. Speak on a positive contribution of young people to their communities.

10. What are the causes of juvenile delinquency?

11. Why do young people experience conflicts during a period of adolescence?

12. Is the situation with American youth really so gloomy? Why?\Why not?

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