G. お気に入り



1. 「お気に入り」とは?

What are favorites?



Favorites are photos by other people that you want to bookmark in Flickr, so they are easy to find later. You can add any photo that you can view to your favorites.

There is no limit on the number of favorites you can have.



2. 写真をお気に入りに登録するには?

How do I mark a photo as one of my favorites?

写真の個々のページをご覧あれ。左側に「Add to favorites(お気に入りに加える)」と書いてあるボタンが見えますね。それをクリックするだけで、ほら、このとおり!

When you are looking at a photo's individual page, you will see a button on the left hand side of the photo which reads 'Add to favorites'. Just click on that, and hey! Presto!



3. 自分の写真を自分のお気に入りに登録出来ますか?

Can I mark my own photos as my favorites?


No. Favorites are just a handy way to make note of photos you like that are published by other people. If you want to collect your own favorite photos together, you might like to make yourself a photoset. Just go to the Organizr, create a new set and add your photos to it.




Can other people see my favorites?


※訳者註:Whenの節の主語は「another person」で単数扱いですが、後段の主節は「they」になっています。たぶん原文を書いた人が推敲しないでアンマッチのままになっちゃっているのでは。

Yes. When another person looks at your favorites, they will only see all the public photos in your collection, and any photos they uploaded, regardless of the privacy.



5. お気に入りリストから写真を削除するには?

How do I delete a photo from my favorites?

「Your favorites」に行って削除したい写真をクリックします。写真の上に表示される「A fave」ボタンをクリックすれば、お気に入りから削除されます。

Go to 'Your favorites' and click on the photo you'd like to remove. Click on the 'A fave' button above the photo to remove it from your favorites.



フリッカー FAQ

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