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1. 自分のパスワードを忘れてしまいました。

I've forgotten my password!!


That's OK. It happens to the best of us. You can make a new one here. You must be logged out completely to obtain a new password.



2. 自分のパスワードを変更するにはどうすればいいですか。

How do I change my password?



If you know your old password, you can change it here. (You can change your password as often as you want.)

If you have forgotten your password, you can follow this link, which will generate an email for you. The email contains a link back to Flickr to a page where you can just enter a brand-new password.



3. 私はメールアドレスを2つ持っており、どちらかのアドレスをキーに友達が私を検索できるようにしたいと思っています。そのような場合には、アカウントを2つ作らなければならないのでしょうか。

I have two email addresses, and I want my friends to be able to find me in here using either one. Do I have to create two accounts?



複数登録したアドレスのうち1つを「Primary Address」に指定することができます。Flickrからメールを送る際にはこのアドレスを使います。

No. You can associate more than one email address with your account here. You do need to confirm that any address which you'd like to add is real, and belongs to you.

Each time you add a new address, you'll need to respond to the confirmation email we send to that address. This just means clicking the link contained in the confirmation request.

You can mark one of your addresses as your Primary Address. This is the address that we will use to send you things from Flickr.




I don't want people to see my real name. How do I fix that?

えー、まず始めに、Profileの「Real Name」フィールドは必須ではありませんので、空欄にしておいてかまいません。ただ、privacy settings pageで、個人情報の開示レベルをいかようにも設定することができます。


Email address contactsに登録されている人
Instant messaging names contactsに登録されている人
Real name 全員
Current city 全員
Birthday/Age 全員

Well, for a start, the 'Real name' field on your profile isn't required, so you can simply leave it blank. But, you can also set whatever level of privacy you are comfortable with on using the privacy settings page.

The default settings are as follows:

Is shown to
Email address Any of your contacts
Instant messaging names Any of your contacts
Real name Anyone
Current city Anyone
Birthday/Age Anyone





Do I have to get an email from Flickr for every little thing?

いいえ。Flickrnotification 設定ページで、どのレベルまでメールを受け取りたいかを指定することができます(任意)。

No. You can tell us how much email (if any) you'd like us to send you via the Flickr notification settings page.



6.【未訳】 質問

Can I make all the photos I upload to Flickr be 'private' without having to set it for each one?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Absolutely. We provide a page where you can set the overall default privacy level you will generally apply to your photos.

You can alter this setting when you upload your photos if you need to (at a per-photo level).



7.友達はみんな「わかりやすい名前の」Flickr URLを持っているのに、私のは数字の羅列だけです。名前のURLをどうすればゲットできますか?

All my friends have 'friendly' Flickr URLs while all I have is a string of numbers. How do I get a friendly URL?


作成できるのは 1 回 限 り ですので、慎重に選んでくださいね!

You can make your own Flickr alias. BUT!

You only get ONE SHOT at it, so choose carefully!




8.【未訳】 質問

What is the email address I use to send my photos to Flickr?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Everyone is allocated an individual email address to use. You can set up the email-to-Flickr address here.

You can also add photos to your own personal moblog on the fly. Each time you add a photo to Flickr, you can set things up so your photo is posted to your blog automatically.



9. 私のアカウントを削除したいんですが?

How do I delete my account?


We're not sure if we should tell you... but... of course you can delete your account at anytime. Here's a link. *sniff*



10.【未訳】 質問

I've deleted my account, but didn't really want to! What do I do?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Although we're sorry that you've deleted your account, we're happy that you want to come back to Flickr! Unfortunately, all photos within your deleted account were also removed from the system. Your best bet is to re-register with Flickr, under a different user name, and make sure that you really want to delete your account before you hit the 'Are you sure you want to delete?' button for the third time.



フリッカー FAQ

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