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1. 【未訳】 質問

Why do I need contacts?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Well, you don't *need* contacts, but they are nice to have! When you upload a photo, you can choose to share it with a set of people you know.

Let's say you took some photos at your cousin's wedding, and you would like to share your photos with your family here in Flickr. So, when you upload the photos, you specify that you'd like to share them with your family. Next time a family member looks at your photostream, they will see all the new wedding photos. People who *aren't* family will not be able to see those photos.



2. 【未訳】 質問

What are the different types of contacts I can make?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

You can mark anyone you meet or invite in Flickr as a contact. You can group your contacts into friends, family, or friends and family.



3.【未訳】 質問

Is there a limit on the number of contacts I can have?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

No. There used to be, but not anymore.



4.【未訳】 質問

How do invite my friends into Flickr?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

There are a couple of ways to invite your friends or family to share your photos:

Share your photos

When you are looking at your photostream, you will see a link which reads 'Share your Photos'.

This will take you through the process of a) choosing which photos you'd like to share (Public, Friends or Family), b) telling us the email address and name of the people you'd like to invite (up to four) and c) writing a note to the people you're inviting.

We check to see whether the people you are inviting are members of Flickr or not. If they are, we can mark them as a contact, friend or family for you. If the people you're inviting are new to Flickr, they'll receive an email from you with a link to come into Flickr. We also mark them as your contact so you can find each other easily when your new friend arrives!

When you're reviewing a preview of the invitation, you also have the option of inviting the new people into one of your groups if you wish. This is optional.

Invitation to join a group

If you think a friend of yours would be interested in a Flickr group, you can invite them this way too. Just go to the group, and then follow the 'Invite your Friends' link. The process is really similar to sharing your photos.



5.【未訳】 質問

Can everyone see my age or my real name or my email address and IM names if I enter them in my profile?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

You can set whatever level of privacy you are comfortable with on using the privacy settings page. The default settings are as follows:

Is shown to
Email address Any of your contacts
Instant messaging names Any of your contacts
Real name Anyone
Current city Anyone
Birthday/Age Anyone

The only information we require about you is your email address, and by default this is hidden from people you don't know. Since the other fields aren't required, if you're privacy conscious, just leave these fields blank.



6.【未訳】 質問

How do I remove a contact?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

From your home page, go to 'Your contacts'. This takes you to another page, where you should see your contacts listed. Select the contact you'd like to remove. Select 'Profile' on the right side of the page. Click the 'Change' link. At the bottom of the text click 'Remove'.



7.【未訳】 質問

Another Flickr member is making me uncomfortable. What can I do?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

You can block them.

People you have blocked won't be able to interact with you or your photos. In practice this means they:

  • can't comment on your photos (all comments on your photos made by them are deleted)
  • are removed as your contact, and you are removed as theirs (they can't add you as a contact again)
  • can't add your photos as favorites anymore (any of your photos marked as their favorites are removed)
  • can't blog your photos
  • can't add notes or tags
  • can't send you FlickrMail

There are 4 ways to access the block feature:

  1. From a "Block this person?" link on a person's photo page
  2. From a "Block this person?" link on a person's profile page
  3. By choosing to delete a comment on one of your photos. (You'll see the option to block them too.)
  4. From your block list, accessible as a link from your People page, if you have blocked someone.

People you choose to block are not notified that you've blocked them.

You can release the blocked person anytime you like. Go to your People page to get started. Bear in mind this does not restore any of the things that were removed when you blocked them.

(Incidentally, we used to have a slightly less robust block mechanism that simply prevented people from commenting on your photos. Anyone who you had ignored like this - before July 27, 2005 - will now be blocked, but none of the robust block rules listed above apply to them. If you want them to, you'll need to block them over again.)



8.【未訳】 質問

Someone is blocking me. What's up with that?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Blocking is a simple way to make sure that everyone is comfortable. If you've been blocked by somebody, it most likely that your interaction with them is outside their comfort zone.



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