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Flickr Community Guidelines


These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Flickr. Don't forget that your use of Flickr is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Use.

Some DOs and DON'Ts to remember while using Flickr:




Play nice
We're a community of many types of people, who all have the right to feel comfortable and who may not think what you think, believe what you believe or see what you see. So, be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members.

他の人の著作権を尊重しましょう。要するに、他人が撮った写真を盗用したり、それらを自分の物にみせかけたりなどはしないでください。それから、Flickrは写真を載せるためのものです。他の画像ファイルを投稿することも少しぐらいの例外としてOKではありますが、あなたのフォトストリームのファイルの大多数が写真以外のコンテンツ(イラストレーション、コンピューターのスクリーンショット、グラフ等)で占められているような場合には、あなたのアカウントはNot in Public Site Areas (NIPSA)指定される可能性が大きいです。NIPSA指定されると、あなたの写真が写真検索対象として挙げられず、自分のページと、グループ、コンタクトからだけ見ることができます。

Upload photos that you've taken
Respect the copyright of others. This means don't steal photographs that other people have taken and pass them off as your own. And yes, Flickr is for photos. With some exceptions, it's OK to post other images, but if the majority of your photostream contains content other than photographs (like illustrations, screenshots, diagrams, etc.) it's very likely that your account will be marked Not in Public Site Areas (NIPSA). NIPSA means your photos won't show up in photo searches, but they will still be visible in your pages, your groups and contacts.

他のサイトに(Your Photosの)写真を投稿したときは、フリッカーへ戻るリンクをつけること

Link back to Flickr when you post your photos elsewhere
The Flickr service makes it possible to post images hosted on Flickr to outside websites. However, pages on other websites that display images hosted on must provide a link back to Flickr from each photo to its photo page on Flickr.


Enjoy Flickr!
See the world through other eyes, participate, find your muse, and expand your horizons!





Upload anything that isn't yours
This includes other people's photographs and/or stuff that you've collected from around the Internet.

Use your account to host web graphics like logos and banners
Your account will be terminated if you use it to host graphic elements of web page designs, icons, smilies, buddy icons, forum avatars, badges and other non-photographic elements on external websites.

Vent your frustrations, rant or bore the brains out of other members
Flickr is not a venue for to you harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. If we receive a valid complaint about your conduct, we will send you a warning or terminate your account.

Sell stuff (including yourself)
Flickr is for personal use only. If you sell products or services through your photostream, we will terminate your account.

Be creepy
Don't be that guy. You know the guy.

Upload photos that include frontal nudity, genitalia or anything else that your bathing suit should cover in public areas of Flickr
If you do we'll make your photostream private and remind you of this Guideline. If you don't heed our warning and continue to make similar content public, we'll terminate your account without warning. This applies to your Buddy Icon as well.

Upload content that is illegal in public or private areas of Flickr
If you do, your account will be deleted and we'll take appropriate action that may include reporting you to the authorities.


Here are some other things to keep in mind:



Other People (their content, their behavior)

フリッカーにおいて、さまざまな画像をみることがあると思いますが、その中には、不快感を与えるものもあるかもしれません。もし、あなたが写真を見て不快に思った場合は、クリックして他のサイトへ飛ぶか、もしくは全写真の横についている"may offend"リンクをクリックしてその写真に「不快」の印をつけることができます。もし差し迫った懸念事項があると思ったときは、コンテンツやユーザーの行いについてFlickrスタッフに通報することも可能です。

You will see all sorts of things on Flickr, some of which may offend you. If you are offended by a photo you can either click away from the photo or you can flag it as "offensive" by clicking on the "May offend" link next to every photo. If you think there's immediate cause for concern, you can report content and/or someone's behavior to Flickr Staff.



Copyright Infringement

他のユーザのページ上(photostream)に、あなたの写真が転載されているのを見つけた場合は、あわてないで、冷静に対処しましょう。これらのケースは単なる誤解に基づくものであって、悪意に基づくものではないことが多いものです。まず第一歩として、その相手に連絡し、削除してもらうように丁重に依頼するのがよいでしょう。もしそれでもうまくいかない場合には、Yahoo! Copyright Team内の著作権侵害を通知するところ(FlickrはYahoo!傘下にあるため、著作権関連はUSのYahoo!が管轄している)に報告し、他ユーザへのあなたの写真の利用停止を依頼してください。


If you see your photographs in other members' photostreams, don't panic. This is probably just a misunderstanding and not malicious. A good first step is to contact them and politely ask them to remove it. If that doesn't work, please file a Notice of Infringement with the Yahoo! Copyright Team who will take it from there.

You may feel tempted to post an entry in one of our public forums about what's happening, but that's not the best way to resolve a possible copyright problem. We don't encourage singling out individuals or their photos in our public forums.




In Conclusion


ご質問やご意見がある方は、ご連絡をお待ちしています。Flickr Help by Emailまでお気軽にご連絡ください。

We don't want these parameters to be a downer and we want everyone to have a good time. If you don't feel that you can abide by our Community Guidelines as outlined above, maybe Flickr isn't for you. Plainly speaking, if you don't want to abide by our TOS and these Guidelines, don't let the door hit you on your way out!

If you ever have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us a line through Flickr Help by Email.


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