L. ヤフーID、認証とスクリーンネーム

Yahoo! IDs, signing in and screen names  


1. 【未訳】 質問

Which sign-in option should I be using?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

That depends.

Sign in via Yahoo! if:

  • You have a Yahoo! ID
  • You have a Yahoo! ID & a Flickr account and you'd like to join them together. (Once you've signed in via Yahoo!, you'll be able to merge the accounts together), or
  • You've signed into Flickr via Yahoo! before

Sign in via if:

  • You signed up for your Flickr account before August 15, 2005, or
  • You haven't joined your Flickr account with a Yahoo! ID

If you have a Flickr account, but you don't have a Yahoo! account, there is also the option of creating a brand new Yahoo! account. One of the many benefits of going this route is that you only have to sign in once to enjoy access to every property on Yahoo! (including Flickr).



2. 【未訳】 質問

How do my communication preferences change after I merge my account with Yahoo!? Will I get lots of SPAM?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

None of your Flickr-related communication preferences have changed.

You can associate as many email addresses with your Flickr account as you wish (here). Any communication from Flickr will be sent to the address you set as your primary email address, so if that is "another of your Yahoo! accounts", or even a gmail account, then no problemo!

You can change the way Flickr emails you here. There will be no changes made to your account in regards marketing preferences for either FlickrMail or for your Yahoo! account.



3.【未訳】 質問

What will happen to my pictures? Will they be merged with Yahoo! Photos?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

No changes will be made to how your photos are handled at Flickr. They will remain in your Flickr account. They will not automatically be added to your Yahoo! photos account. Nor will pictures from your Yahoo! photos account be automatically added to your Flickr account.



4.【未訳】 質問

How does this impact me if I want to use Flickr API apps that still use the old authentication scheme?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

You will not be able to use applications that are using the old authentication methods after you have merged your accounts.

The new authentication methods provide increased security for you and your photos. Please ask your favorite application providers to switch to the new methods soon! (Some of these developers may be listed on our Services page.)



5.【未訳】 質問

What if my Yahoo! ID happens to be the same as my Flickr ID already? Or someone is using my Flickr screen name as a Yahoo! ID?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

When you sign up for a Yahoo! account, you're assigned a Yahoo! ID. This is a permanent, unique identifier for your account.

When you sign up for Flickr, you can choose a "screen name" for yourself. This can be virtually anything you like and you can change it any time you like. The only constraint is that it has to be unique.

You can use your Yahoo! ID as your Flickr screen name if you like, but you're also allowed to create a screen name that has spaces in it. So, that's nice.

There is no connection between a Yahoo! ID (the bit before the @ in the yahoo email address), and a Flickr screen name. Just like your screen name on Flickr and your legal name in everyday life don't have to be the same, your Y!ID could be the same as your Flickr screen name, but it could be different as well. Merging your account will have no impact on your Flickr screen name.

So, if your screen name is already taken as a Yahoo! ID, it doesn’t matter. You can still keep your screen name on Flickr.

You can change your screen name as much as you want.



6.【未訳】 質問

Do I have to log in via Yahoo!?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

If you signed up for Flickr after August 15th, you must use your Yahoo! ID to log in to Flickr (via Yahoo!).

If you’ve merged your Flickr account with your Yahoo! ID, you must use your Yahoo! ID to log in to Flickr (via Yahoo!).

If you have a Flickr account created before August 15, 2005 and you haven’t merged your Flickr account with your Yahoo! account, you can continue signing in using the same Flickr login as before (via Flickr).

Please note that we will be migrating all independent Flickr accounts to Yahoo!'s network in 2006. At that time, if you have not done so already, you will be asked to create a Yahoo! ID (or link your account to your Yahoo! ID if you already have one) in order to continue using your account. We'll provide further details about the merge as the date approaches.



7.【未訳】 質問

I'm going to delete my Yahoo! account. What happens to my Flickr photos?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Well, provided that you've associated your Flickr account with your Yahoo! ID, if you delete your Yahoo! account, you won't be able to log in to your Flickr account anymore. And all your photos will be deleted.



8.【未訳】 質問

I've forgotten my password!

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

No problemo!

If you mean your password into Yahoo!, you can get a new one here.

If you are still using your account to sign in, you can get yourself a new password here. (This link only works if you're not logged in - because you've forgotten your password. If you want to change your Flickr password, go here.)



9.【未訳】 質問

It doesn't seem to 'remember me' each time. What's up with that?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

To protect your Yahoo! ID from mis-use, Yahoo! automatically logs you off after a certain number of hours. You can modify this preference by going to your Yahoo! preferences.



10.【未訳】 質問

How do I merge my Yahoo! account with my Flickr one?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

First, you'll need to sign in to both sites with the accounts you want to join together. Then, you'll have the opportunity to confirm that you're merging the right accounts. Then you just have to press the big "OK! MERGE" button.

Get started on this page.

Once you've associated the accounts, there are a couple of things you'll need to bear in mind:

  • From then on, you will always need to sign in with your Yahoo! ID
  • Some applications that you've downloaded that relate to Flickr (like the our very own Uploadrs) may not work anymore. If that's the case for you, download fresh copies from the tools page (or contact the developer who wrote the application you're using for an update).



11.【未訳】 質問

What if I have two Flickr accounts?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Your Flickr accounts will be treated separately as they are now.

You can choose to associate one, both, or neither with a Yahoo! ID, but each Flickr account will need to be merged with a different Y! ID.



12.【未訳】 質問

Anyone notice how the big Y! resembles two roads merging into one?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Yes, but we're the exclamation point! Woo!



フリッカー FAQ

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