I have interviewed many people for jobs, including many Chinese immigrants. In my experience the Chinese immigrants usually have poor English and have a lot of trouble communicating. A relatively small percentage of resumes and covering letters from Chinese applicants are in flawless English. I mean like around 10-15% in my experience. So the majority of these applicants will not be asked in for an interview.

As a business owner I can tell you that school, major, GPA, and degree are all irreverent in the long run. After all, the world's richest man is a college drop-out.

If I were you, I would ask myself a different set of questions:

(1) How can I obtain the skills AND experiences that are desirable in my industry?

(2) How can I improve my English so that I can better fit into the work environment in Canada?

(3) How can I effectively market and promote myself?

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