E. 公開・非公開



1. 私の写真をすべての人に見られたくないときはどうすればいいですか?

What if I don't want everyone to see my photos?

【未訳】 問題ありません。すべての写真にはそれぞれにプライバシーの設定ができます。全員が閲覧可能(パブリックの設定で、Flickrメンバーではない、サイトを訪れた人も含まれます)、友人のみ閲覧可能、家族のみ、家族と友人のみ、または完全にプライベートに設定可能です。



That's not a problem. Every photo comes with its own privacy settings. You can make a photo available to everyone (That's public, and includes people visiting the site who aren't Flickr members), only make it visible to people who are your friends, just to your family, to both your friends and family, or you can keep an image completely private.

Bear in mind that *you* will always be able to see every image in your own photostream.

You can arrange a default privacy setting for every photo you upload here.



2. 【未訳】 質問

Can anyone leave a comment?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Most of the time, yes, unless you say you don't want them to. We recommend that any Flickr user be able to comment on your photos... but you don't have to go that way if you don't want to.

There is a page available in your account area which lets you specify default settings for what you'd like most of the time. You can change this for each individual photo if you wish.

Members of the general public who aren't members of Flickr can never comment on your photos.



3.【未訳】 質問

So now I've uploaded some of my photos, and made them public. Where do they show up?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

All sorts of places!

There is a page which shows you all of the photos uploaded to Flickr:

Your photo will also show up for your contacts, in a special list which shows people all photos uploaded by their contacts:

Photos on this page will also be governed by your relationships to your contacts, and how you've set privacy on a photo. For example, you upload a photo, and set it to be visible to your family. This means that any contact of yours who you've marked as family will be able to see your photo. Other Flickr members will not.

Your public photos will show up in tag pages too, and if one of your photos is really interesting, it might come up on the Explore page too!.



4.【未訳】 質問

Can I make a public photo private again?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Yes. The privacy setting you associate with a photo is completely flexible. You can show or hide any photo anytime you like.

If you make a photo public, other people can add it to their favorites and the photo can be blogged. So, if you decide to change the level of privacy from public to, say, 'only visible to my family', then be aware that it will be removed from other people's favorites and blog links will break.



フリッカー FAQ

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