This case file page is in Japanese.
This page is also available in English, Romaji, and J-E Translation.

Case File
Trial Date(s)8月3日
VictimCindy Stone
ProsecutorAtty. Winston Payne
DefendantLarry Butz
DefenseAtty. Phoenix Wright
Witness ListLarry Butz
Frank Sahwit
VerdictNot Guilty
PerpetratorFrank Sahwit
Case ClosedAugust 3, 2:30 PM

Blood drips.

? ? ?.. .. はあ .. .. はあ .. ..

The blood is dripping from a statue.

? ? ?.. .. くそつ! なんでオレがこんな目に .. ..
.. .. つかまりたくねえ .. .. こんなことで .. ..
誰か .. .. 誰かが やつたことにするんだ .. .. !
.. .. そうだ , あいつだ .. ..

? ? ? flashes back to seeing ? ? ?

? ? ?あいつがゆったことにすれば .. ..

Initial Evidence

Attorney's Badge
Type: Other
One of my possessions.
No one would believe I was a defense attorney if I didn't carry this.

Cindy's Autopsy Report
Type: Reports
Received from Mia Fey.
Time of death: 7/31, 4PM-5PM. Cause of death: loss of blood due to blunt trauma.

Initial Profiles

Mia Fey
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Chief Attorney at Fey & Co. My boss, and a very good defense attorney

Larry Butz
Age: 23
Gender: Male
The defendant in this case. A likeable guy who was my friend in grade school.

Cindy Stone
Age: 22
Gender: Female
The victim in this case. A model, she lived in an apartment by herself.

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