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M. 印刷



1. 私の写真を誰かがプリントすることができますか?

Can anyone print my photos?


Preferencesの設定で他のFlickrのメンバーに自分の写真を印刷することを許可した場合は、当該メンバーがあなたの写真を見ているときに"Order Prints(プリントを注文)"という選択肢が表示されます。

You can control whom you want to allow to order prints of your photos. The default option limits printing capabilities solely to you.

If you set your preferences to allow another Flickr member to print your photos, the "Order Prints" option will appear when that member is looking at your photos.

The preference page is here.



2. プリントの注文を始めるにはどうすればいいですか?

How do I get started ordering prints?


請求書送付先が米国内の住所になっているクレジットカードをお持ちであれば、Flickrのプリント写真を買うことができます(Flickrプリントの最初のバージョンでは米国在住のメンバーのみにプリントサービスを提供しています。他の国にもできるだけ早く提供範囲を広げていきたいと思っています)。プリントの許可を与えた写真には、"ORDER PRINTS"というオプションが表示されます。また、(許可を与えた)セット全体の写真を一括してプリントするオプションもあります。


Step 1 is to tell Flickr where you are in the world.

If you have a credit card billing address in the U.S., you can buy prints on Flickr. (The first version of Flickr Printing offers printing sevices only to members based in the U.S. We'll be adding more and more countries to this list as fast as we can.) You'll see an "ORDER PRINTS" option on any photo you have permission to print, and also an option to print a whole set at a time (where you have permission).

If you aren't based in the U.S., you have the option of letting us know where you are located and we can let you know when printing is available for you

Even if you don't live in the U.S., you can give Flickr members who do the permission to buy prints of your photos. (Say you have a long-lost sister who lives in the U.S., but you live in Australia - let her print your stuff!)




But... but... I don't live in the U.S.! Why can't I order prints??



We're sorry. We really are. But, the U.S. release is just the first step, so please rest assured, we are working as fast as we can to add printing partners on a worldwide basis. If you know of any good ones where you live, drop us a line.

Our international members can still order physical copies of their photos from our other service partners like QOOP, which offer a variety of formats such as posters and photobooks. Do more with your photos!




How can I get photos delivered?

現在のところ配送方法を2つご用意しています: Target店でのお受け取りか、郵送かをお選びいただけます。ショッピングカートでの処理のところで、どちらをご利用になるかお選びいただけます。



We currently provide two options: Pick up at your local Target store, or delivery by mail. Part of the shopping cart process is choosing which method you'd like to use.

Mail delivery is a bit cheaper, if you can stand the wait!



5. プリント写真をTargetで受け取りたいと思っています。最寄りの店はどこですか?

I'd like to pick up my prints at Target. Where's the nearest store?

ショッピングカートを注文確定画面にすると、写真の配送希望方法を選ぶところで"Select a Target store for Pickup(受け取りにTarget店を選択)"リンクが表示されます。そこのstore locatorとかいうところを使って最寄りの店を検索してください。またTargetサイトで住所や郵便番号からTarget店を検索することも可能です。


When you go to the shopping cart to finalize your order, you'll see a "Select a Target store for Pickup" link when you're choosing how you'd like your photos delivered. Use the store locator widget thingy there to find the store closest to you. You can also find Target stores by address or zipcode on Target's site.




Can I choose whether my prints are matte or glossy?



This depends on the delivery method you choose.

If you want to pick up your photos at Target, you have the option of glossy prints. When you have prints sent by mail, you can choose either matte or glossy for each order.



7.【未訳】 「プリント不適」とはどういう意味ですか?

What does 'Not recommended for printing' mean?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

We try to make sure that your prints are going to look nice, so as you choose photos you'd like to print, we try to present the best options for you, based on the photo's size and resolution.

There are minimum resolutions we recommend for the various products that you can buy. Here's the list:

Size|Min. Resolution
Wallet Prints (x4) 525x375
4x6" 900x600
5x7" 1050x750
8x10" 1500x1200
20x30" 1600x1200
5x5 square 750x750
4xD (digital aspect) 900x600
5xD (digital aspect) 1050x750
8xD (digital aspect) 1500x1200




8.【未訳】 注文しようとしているプリント写真を大きくして見ることができますか?

Can I see a big version of the print I'm about to order?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

When you're looking at the contents of your cart, if you click on a thumbnail version of a photo, a new window will pop up displaying a larger version.



9.【未訳】 写真プリントの際、トリミングはどのようにするのですか?

How does cropping work when I go to print a photo?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

The aspect ratio (length:width) is different for most digital pictures from the 4x6 ratio that many photos are printed at. This leads to an automatic crop of your photo by most photo finishers. In our order prints UI, you can see and choose how you want the photo to be cropped by clicking on the Crop Preview link below your pictures in the shopping cart.

Or you can order our 4xD, 5xD, or 8xD prints, which are optimized for Digital images. One thing to be careful of, however, is that these photo sizes may not fit in certain photo frames or albums.




What are the shipping costs?


4x6", 5x7", 8x10"

U.S. Postal Service First-Class

1-25枚: $2.29
26-50枚: $3.29
51-75枚: $4.29
76-100枚: $5.29
101-125枚: $6.29
以降25枚ごと* $1.00追加

*151枚以上のプリントをご注文の場合はPriority Mailでの配送となります。

Second Business Day(2営業日配達サービス)

1-25枚: $9.99
26-50枚: $10.99
51-75枚: $11.99
76-100枚: $12.99
101-125枚: $13.99
以降25枚ごと $1.00追加

Overnight Shipping

1-25枚: $16.99
26-50枚: $17.99
51-75枚: $18.99
76-100枚: $19.99
101-125枚: $20.99
以降25枚ごと $1.00追加

11x14" サイズ以上, 10x15" & 20x30"

Priority Second Business Day First Business Day
1-3枚 $5.99 $11.99 $19.99
以降1枚ごと $1.49追加 $1.49追加 $1.49追加


ポスターサイズのプリント写真はUSPS First Classでの配送は承れません。Second Business DayおよびNext Business Dayサービスの場合、お受け取りのタイミングにより通常は次営業日の発送となります。Second Business DayおよびNext Business Dayサービスの場合、土日には配送・お受け取りになれないため、配送日程に影響することがありますのでご注意ください。

Express shippingの配送業者の場合(2営業日およびovernightサービス)、郵便局の私書箱宛には配送できません。これらのオプションはアメリカ本土、アラスカ州及びハワイ州でのみ有効です。アラスカ州及びハワイ州へのExpressの配送は通常もう1日かかりますのでご注意ください。


Note: The following pricing applies to Mail Delivery orders only. There are no shipping charges for Pick Up at Target orders. All prices are shown in U.S. dollars.

4x6", 5x7", 8x10"

U.S. Postal Service First-Class

1-25 prints: $2.29
26-50 prints: $3.29
51-75 prints: $4.29
76-100 prints: $5.29
101-125 prints: $6.29
each additional 25 prints* add $1.00

*When ordering 151 or more prints, your order will be shipped Priority Mail.

Second Business Day

1-25 prints: $9.99
26-50 prints: $10.99
51-75 prints: $11.99
76-100 prints: $12.99
101-125 prints: $13.99
each additional 25 prints add $1.00

Overnight Shipping

1-25 prints: $16.99
26-50 prints: $17.99
51-75 prints: $18.99
76-100 prints: $19.99
101-125 prints: $20.99
each additional 25 prints add $1.00

11x14" prints and larger, 10x15" & 20x30"

Priority Second Business Day First Business Day
1-3 Prints $5.99 $11.99 $19.99
Each Additional Print Add $1.49 Add $1.49 Add $1.49

Note: All large format ("poster") prints are shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes

We do not offer USPS First Class shipping on poster prints. Second Business Day and Next Business Day are generally shipped the next business day due to pickup schedules. Please note that the Second Business Day and Next Business Day services we offer do not pick up or deliver packages on weekends. This can affect delivery time.

Our express shipping carriers (for 2-day and overnight) do not ship to post office box addresses. These options are only available in the continental U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii. Please note that express shipments to Alaska and Hawaii typically require an extra day in transit.

Print orders can only be shipped to addresses within the United States, including APO/FPO military addresses.



11.【未訳】 QOOP利用に問題があります。どうすればいいですか?

I'm having trouble using QOOP. Where can I get help?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

QOOP is a Flickr partner and they will provide answers to all your questions relating to the QOOP website or any orders you place with them.

The QOOP+Flickr site has a really comprehensive FAQ, where you should be able to get the answer you're looking for.



12.【未訳】 Englazeサービスに問題があります。どうすればいいですか?

I'm having trouble with the Englaze service. Where can I get help?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

Englaze offers Flickr peeps 2 different services:

  • archivr, for creating DVD backups. (There's specific archivr FAQ)
  • photoplayr, for making natty slideshows and putting them on a DVD. (Here's the photoplayr FAQ)

Because Englaze is a Flickr partner, they're the best people to address your questions about the service. There's a group on Flickr where you can start for Englaze support.



13.【未訳】 Zazzle bitsに問題があります。どうすればいいですか?

I'm having trouble with the Zazzle bits. Where can I get help?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

To print your own real U.S. stamps via Zazzle, you need to be in the U.S., and have set up your account for printing.

Then, you need to choose one of your photos that you'd like to send over to Zazzle to make your stamps. Under the "Order Prints", you'll see an option at the bottom that reads:

"Print this on a U.S. postage stamp via Zazzle". There you go!

Please bear in mind that Zazzle is a Flickr partner. If you have any trouble using their site, you'll need to look to them to provide answers to your questions. Please begin with their Customer Service.



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