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O. 当サイトについて

On the Flickr website  


1. サイト上で見逃しがたい写真を見つけました。どのように対処すればいいですか。

I have concerns about something I've seen on the site. What can I do?

Flickr上の人や物についてお気づきの点をフィードバックしていただけるよう、Report Abuseフォームを用意しました。

ご連絡いただく際に、詳しい情報(写真へリンクしている先、アカウントへリンクしている先、などリンク情報)を教えてください。当方ではTerms of UseCommunity Guidelinesに基づいて適切な対処をとります。


We've created a Report Abuse form for you to give us feedback if you come across something or someone on Flickr that is causing you concern.

When you send us your report, we need as much detail as you can give us (like links to photos, or links to an account, or... you know, links to stuff). We will review against the Terms of Use and our Community Guidelines, and take appropriate action as required.

There's also a link to this form on the footer of every page. If you use that link, the form can send us the page you were looking at when you clicked. This is handy.



2. 機能面で素晴らしいアイディアがあるのです。提案するにはどうすればいいですか。

I have a great idea for a feature! How can I suggest it?

手始めとしてはおそらくFlickrIdeas フォーラムが一番です。そこであなたのアイディアについてみんなで議論することができるほか、Flickrの管理者が定期的に全フォーラムを巡回していますので、彼らの耳に届くことでしょう。

The best place to start is probably in the FlickrIdeas forum. Apart from putting your ideas out there for everyone to discuss, Flickr Admins patrol all the forums regularly, so you will be heard!



3.【未訳】 質問

What considerations have been given to copyright?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

We offer the ability for you to associate a Creative Commons licence with one or all of your photos. You can find out more on this page.

If you see your work in someone else's photostream, please submit a Notice of Infringement to the Yahoo! Copyright Team. Information on how to do this correctly is here, and there's a link in the footer.




Can I have HTML in my posts on the Flickr website?

世の中には自分が手に入る物に対しては手当たり次第に迷惑なことをすることが好きな迷惑な輩がいるため、descriptionや他人のtestimonialなどのフィールドでは、投稿できるHTMLコードの種類に若干の制限を設けています。Your ProfileのFlickr Mail、interests、favorite books、favorite moviesフィールドにはHTMLコードは使用できません。



'タグ名' => 'そのタグで許可されている属性'
'a' => 'href', 'target'
'b' => なし
'blockquote' => なし
'em' => なし
'i' => なし
'img' => 'src', 'width', 'height', 'alt', 'title'
'strong' => なし
'u' => なし

Because there are pesky people out there who like doing pesky things to whatever they can get their hands on, we've made a few limits to the sort of HTML code you can post in fields like your description, or a person's testimonial. You can't post HTML in Flickr Mail, or the interests, favorite books or favorite movies fields on your profile.

Even so, we encourage you to make your stuff look pretty, so if it's within the guidelines below, go for it!

Here's the list:

'tag' => 'attribute' (allowed)
'a' => 'href', 'target'
'b' => None
'blockquote' => None
'em' => None
'i' => None
'img' => 'src', 'width', 'height', 'alt', 'title'
'strong' => None
'u' => None




What are the system requirements?

Flickrを利用するのに、PCであるかMacであるかLinuxであるかなどのシステム要件はありませんが、FirefoxMozillaなどMozillaベースの最新バージョンのブラウザをおすすめします。Macの場合は、AppleのSafariブラウザの最新バージョンもご利用いただけます。PCの場合は、Microsoft Internet Explorer 6(又はそれ以降のバージョン)でも正常動作します。




Although there are no system requirements to run Flickr, for PCs, Macs or Linux, we recommend any recent version of a Mozilla-based browser, including Firefox and Mozilla. On a Mac you can also use the most recent version of Apple's Safari browser. On a PC, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (or greater) will also work well.

To get the most out of Flickr, you'll want to have the latest version of Macromedia's Flash plugin installed.

We do recommend that you use a reasonably powerful computer, and a fast Internet connection, because that will make it more fun.

Note: Flickr does not currently support the Mac IE browser.




The site is acting weird! Things aren't saving... photos are missing... what gives??


  • "This photo is unavailable(この写真は利用できません)"
  • 入力したタグが反映されない
  • 投稿したコメントが反映されない
  • コメントを編集してもエラーメッセージではなく"bad link"が表示されてしまう
  • メールアドレスの確認がトラブルになる
  • グループへの投稿がうまくいかない
  • 写真のtitle/descriptionの変更(のトラブル)




A basic explanation is that we have lots of databases running Flickr, and if an individual machine gets overwhelmed, updates can fall behind. These are the main symptoms of weirdness:

  • "This photo is unavailable"
  • Tags you've just entered not coming up
  • Comments you've just made not coming up
  • Editing a comment gives a "bad link" page instead of the error
  • Trouble confirming your email address
  • Posts to groups not working
  • Changing title/description on your photos

Even though it's confusing, the updates you are making around the place do work (mostly sub-second actually), it's just that there's a short delay in them showing up.

Unfortunately, this particular problem is compounded when people see that their comment hasn't come up, and try to post it again, and then again... so, if you see this sort of behavior happening, the best advice we can give is just to leave it for a while and then come back. There's no need to post things again - your data has made it through, even though it doesn't look that way.

We're continually working to make Flickr as stable as we can. We hate it when this problem pops up... probably more than you!




Flickr tells me I need to enable cookies to use the site, but they are already enabled...what should I do?


クッキーがONになっているにもかかわらず何らかの理由でFlickrに入れない場合には、別のブラウザを試してみてください。たとえば、Internet Explorerを使っている場合なら、Firefoxを試してみてください。別の方法としては、ブラウザのセッションをクローズして新規のセッションをオープンしてみるとうまくいくかもしれません。それでもFlickrにアクセスできなければ、ご連絡ください。

If you aren't sure whether cookies are enabled or not, you can check using these instructions.

If you have cookies enabled but for some reason still can’t get into Flickr, try using a different browser. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try using Firefox. Another thing that may work is to close down your browser session and open a new one. Still can't access the site? Please contact us.




I'm an AOL user having trouble viewing photos. What's going on?

AOL9.0ではブラウジングの速度向上のためAOL TopSpeedという技術が用いられています。AOL Keywordの「Browser Settings」のところに、「Web Graphics」というセクションがあります。Flickrで正常に表示するためには、「Never compress graphics」を選択する必要があります。これはデフォルト設定にはなっていません。設定したあとAOLを終了し、再度ログオンします。

AOL 9.0 uses the AOL TopSpeed technology to speed up browsing. Under the AOL Keyword: 'Browser Settings', there is a section called 'Web Graphics'. For Flickr to display properly, the 'Never compress graphics' option must be selected, which is not the default option. Close AOL and log on again.



9.【未訳】 質問

I'm having all sorts of trouble logging in. Help!


  • ブラウザのセッションを閉じ、新規のセッションを開きます。すぐにFlickr.comへ行きます。
  • クッキーをすべて許可するに設定します。
  • Flickrから届いたメールに書かれているリンクをコピーし、新規ブラウザにペーストします。
  • シマンテックのノートン・アンチウイルスを使っている場合、オートプロテクト機能をOFFにし、Flickrにログインしてからオートプロテクトを再度ONにします。アンチウイルス機能がONになっていると、ログインだけはできませんが、サイト内を巡回することはできます。
  • ブラウザのキャッシュをクリアします。


There are a few things that some users have mentioned may affect your ability to login or view Flickr. Try one or more of the following:

  • Close down your browser session and open a new one. Go to right away.
  • Set your cookies to enable ALL cookies
  • Try copying the link from the Flickr email and pasting it into a new browser.
  • If you are using Symantec/Norton Anti-virus, disable auto-protect, log in to Flickr and then re-activate auto-protect. You can surf within the site with the anti-virus on, just not log in.
  • Clear your browser's cache.

If you still can't get in, ask someone at Flickr to help you.



10.【未訳】 質問

Need to talk to someone?

【未訳】 翻訳文はここへ!

You might like to browse through the Flickr forums which may have an answer to your question: FlickrHelp, FlickrIdeas, or FlickrBugs.

Or, if you'd prefer, please let us know what's on your mind using this form and we'll get back to you promptly.

(You might also like to ask some of the other Flickr members for help. They're generally pretty nice.)



フリッカー FAQ

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