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Overseas Chinese. 海外華人/海外华人. "tusán" Chinese local born (Peruvian)

== 海外華人/海外华人 or 外籍华人 (Overseas Chinese) 土生 tusán, Chinese local born (Peruvian) == A Chinese Peruvian, also known as tusán, a loanword from 土生 (pinyin: tǔ shēng, jyutping: tou2 saang1, "local born"), is a person of Chinese ancestry born in Peru, or who has made Peru his or her adopted homeland.

Chinese diaspora

Chinese diaspora in Peru: over 1 million



The Chinese language has various terms equivalent to the English "Overseas Chinese". Huáqiáo (Simplified:华侨; Traditional:華僑) refers to Chinese residing in countries other than China. Huáyì (Simplified:华裔; Traditional:華裔) refers to ethnic Chinese residing outside of China. [31] Another often-used term is 海外华人 (hǎiwài huárén), a more literal translation of Overseas Chinese; it is often used by the PRC government to refer to people of Chinese ethnicities who live outside the PRC, regardless of citizenship. Among Overseas Chinese who are Cantonese or Hokkien (Taiwanese), a commonly-used term is 唐人 (tángrén), pronounced tòhng yàn in Cantonese and teng lang in Hokkien. Literally, it means Tang people, a reference to Tang dynasty China. It should be noted that this term is used mostly for its common usage, and not necessarily always as a reference to any relations between the Overseas Chinese people of today and the Tang dynasty.

China and Peru - comparative studies

Agrarian Reform and Agrarian Reformism. Studies of Peru, Chile, China and India. by D. Lehmann Author(s) of Review: S. H. Paine The Economic Journal, Vol. 85, No. 340 (Dec., 1975), pp. 956-959 doi:10.2307/2230661. 4 pages. [1] Transnational Communities Programme - China / Chinese [2]

The Institute of Latin American Studies - Beijing

A sample of some of the Institute's output gives a flavour of their work.

Source [3].

Dictionary of Latin American History, Brief Encyclopedia of Latin America, Spanish-Chinese Dictionary of Economy and Trade, Development of Latin American Economy, Communist Movement in Latin America, History of U.S.-Latin American Relations, A Study of the Latin American Development Models, Strategy of Modernity and the International Relations: A Study of Latin American Experience, A Study of the Regional Economic Integration in the Western Hemisphere, Latin America and Sino-Latin American Relations: the Present and Future, Major Trends of Latin American Economy in the 21st Century, A Study of Brazil's Modernity, Legend in Peru, Imperialism and Dependency.

Latin American Studies in the People's Republic of China:

Current and Future Prospects Sen-Gen Zhang, Ning-Kun Wang Latin American Research Review, Vol. 23, No. 1 (1988), pp. 123-132 This article consists of 10 pages. Chinese Academy of Sciences - Latin American Studies

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