The Heart Not The Pants is a song from At Least Two Seats Away. It was written by Robotic Teddybear.


(In-Beat Narrative)
Okay so this was just around the time me and my buddy were starting to discover
The intimate feelings we had for each other
He was holding me close and we were real quiet
My head was snuggled in between his shoulder and neck
His face was nestled in my hair
And for the very first time he whispered:
"Ooh, I love you" and a tingle runs up my spine and I say...
(Music and Lyrics)
And he goes...
"Darling you're smart
"And you're witty
"Oh you're caring
"And you're pretty
"For some reason when you're hurt or feeling sad
"I want to kiss you and hug you so bad"
And I go "Really?" and he goes "Yeah!
"...That and you have really big boobs"
And I'm like "Aw thanks I love you too
"'Cause you've got talent
"And you get me
"Baby you care
"And protect me
"And anything I know you have to do
"I want to do for you"
So he looks at me with his face all heated up and he says "So do you want to have sex?" and I'm like "No!"
He goes "Sorry
"...God I suck" and looks away
And I go "No I forgive you. You're a guy. I don't blame you"

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