Once upon a time in a world of heroes and villains there was a young (Physically) 16 year old, (Mentally) 19 year old bee/hornet girl that loved peace and non-violence her name is Stinger she is a member of the Maverick Hunters and she also has her boyfriend who she met when they were kids and her boyfriend's name is Charmy. Stinger and Charmy after 4 months got married. Stinger and Charmy then started kissing while they are having sex. Stinger forced her tongue into Charmy's mouth to battle and dance with Charmy's tongue. The next day Stinger was puking in the toilet due to being nauseous and Charmy was worried. "Stinger are you okay?" Charmy asked. I'm fine Charmy. I'm just nauseous." Stinger replied. "Are you pregnant because of us having sex Stinger?" Charmy asked. "Actually yes I am pregnant after we had sex." Stinger replied. Charmy was real excited that he was going to be a father. "Are we gonna tell your parents and everyone else?" Charmy asked. "They can wait, *sniff* let's have our moment together." Stinger said while crying tears of joy. Both Stinger and Charmy kissed each other and both forced each others' tongues in each others' mouths and had their tongues dance with each other. On December 25, infinity 289,076,135 Stinger is screaming in pain because of Stinger and Charmy's child was coming to be introduced to the world and they see a baby 3/4 bee-1/4 hornet girl. "Charmy look at her she is so adorable." Stinger said crying tears of joy "Hi it's me your mom." Stinger said to her daughter. "What should we name her?" Charmy asked. "How about Saffron?" Stinger asked. "That's prefect." Charmy replied. "Hello Saffron it's us your mom and dad." Stinger said.

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