being yourself fully and completely, taking the action which is purely and totally you. giving your all in any given situation. within you, there is ultimate being, that which you effect is an ultimate being, and that which you create together is ultimate being. Together you create an expression that is none of you, but is part of all of your existences. communication is a perfect being as well. there is your perfect communication.

I am that I am that I am. Crowley's invincible Godhead of self. In My own simplistic terms the idea 111 means that I am that I am presence, I am that Free Will and I am that Awareness, that none of it is outside of the personal or deterministically controlled in any way.

'I am alone: There is no God where I am'- Book of Law v. 2:23

It is the answer of the powerful and courageous existentialist, 'I am the lord of this center, nothing comes through this awareness or will unless 'I' allow it to manifest'

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