Feedback is awesome and his species is that of a Conductoid as an Omnimatrix DNA sample. He has many abilities involving electricity. He is one of 11-year old Ben's alternate alien forms. He is black and has many electrical cords and has plugs and wires, too and a white chest. He got removed from Young Ben's Omni Matrix. 16 years old Feedback has a Green chest and electro pads which 11year old doesn't have.

TEEN TITANS GO! Cyborg A cute little cyborg that is the most intelligent Titan.He is best friends with Beast Boy and Robin, too, I think. He made fun of Robin when he called himself a master driver and failed. Later, he realized Robin is smarter than he thought. He sent clones of him and Beast Boy to live with the Titans.They had been living with clones for the whole Teen Titans show. He then had to lose a LOT of weight. He is very friendly towards Raven and Starfire and had a dog hand. his father was a toaster.

Batman(comics) and TMNt(comics) Batman is a rather serious hero and TMNt stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

DRAGON BALL Goku He is a child who can turn into a gorilla. There are 3 sequels to the show so far.

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