Cinderella/Toy Story

  1. Prince Chaming as Woody
  2. Jaq as Buzz Lightyear
  3. Gus as Hamm
  4. The King as Mr. Potato Head
  5. The Grand Duke as Rex
  6. Bruno as Slinky Dog
  7. Lucifer as Sid
  8. Anastasia Tremanie as Hannah
  9. Cinderella as Jessie
  10. Major as Bullseye
  11. The Fairy Godmother as Bo Peep
  12. Drizella Tremanie as Barbie
  13. Lady Tremanie as Stretch
  14. Baker as Andy
  15. Mary as Dolly
  16. The Queen as Mrs. Potato Head
  17. Herald as Wheezy
  18. Pom-Pom as Prospector

The Hunchback of Notre Dame/Toy Story

Snow White/Toy Story

  1. Doc as Woody
  2. Dopey as Buzz Lightyear
  3. Grumpy as Mr. Potato Head
  4. Sleepy as Hamm
  5. Bashful as Slinky Dog
  6. Sneezy as Rex
  7. Snow White as Jessie
  8. The Prince as Bullseye
  9. Happy as Wheezy
  10. The Huntman as Prospector
  11. The Magic Mirror as Lotso
  12. The Evil Queen as Stretch
  13. The Witch as Sid

FernGully/Toy Story

Alice in Wonderland/Toy Story

Beauty and the Beast/Toy Story

  1. Prince Adam as Woody
  2. Human Chip as Buzz Lightyear
  3. Beast as Hamm
  4. Cogsworth as Mr. Potato Head
  5. Fife as Rex
  6. Lumiere as Slinky Dog
  7. Fifi as Bo Peep
  8. Human Cogsworth as Ken
  9. Human Fifi as Barbie
  10. Belle as Jessie
  11. Chip as Bullseye
  12. Gaston as Prospector
  13. LeFou as Lotso
  14. Human Lumiere as Sarge
  15. Forte as Evil Emperor Zurg
  16. Human Fife as Chuckles
  17. Angelique as Dolly
  18. Phillipe as Wheezy
  19. Maurice as R.C.
  20. Stove as Lenny
  21. Enchantress as Janic
  22. Peddler Woman as Pterodactyl
  23. Red Bimbette as Hannah
  24. Orange Bimbette as Bonnie
  25. Green Bimbette as Andy's Mom

The Princess and the Frog/Toy Story

Hercules/Toy Story

Aladdin/Toy Story

Tarzan/Toy Story

  1. Young Tarzan as Woody
  2. Young Terk as Buzz Lightyear
  3. Young Tantor as Slinky Dog
  4. Tarzan as Mr. Potato Head
  5. Terk as Hamm
  6. Tantor as Rex
  7. Jane as Jessie
  8. Professor Porter as Bullseye
  9. Kala as Bo Peep
  10. Kerchak as Prospector
  11. Claydon as Sid
  12. Zugor as Lotso
  13. Baby Baboon as Lenny
  14. Sabor as Scud
  15. Baby Tarzan as Big Baby

The Little Mermaid/Toy Story

  1. Prince Eric as Woody
  2. Flounder as Buzz Lightyear
  3. Ariel as Jessie
  4. Melody as Bullseye
  5. Sebastian as Hamm
  6. Max as Slinky Dog
  7. King Triton as Mr. Potato Head
  8. Harold as Rex
  9. Tip as Sarge
  10. Dash as Wheezy
  11. Ursula as Sid
  12. Vanessa as Prospector
  13. Scuttle as Ken
  14. Ariel's Sister as Aliens

Mulan/Toy Story

Pocahontas/Toy Story

Peter Pan/Toy Story

  1. Peter Pan as Woody
  2. Michael as Buzz Lightyear
  3. Wendy as Jessie
  4. Nana as Bullseye
  5. Tiger Lily as Bo Peep
  6. George Darling as Hamm
  7. Shilghty as Mr. Potato Head
  8. Tick-Tock the Crocodile as Rex
  9. Danny as Slinky Dog
  10. John as Ken
  11. Jane as Barbie
  12. Tinker Bell as Dolly
  13. Mary Darling as Mrs. Potato Head
  14. Cubby as Wheezy
  15. Captain Hook as Prospector
  16. Mr. Smee as Lotso
  17. Edward as Sarge

Sleeping Beauty/Toy Story

Thumbelina/Toy Story

  1. Prince Cornelius as Woody
  2. Thumbelina as Jessie

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