1960 Planet Ceres Atlantic hurricane season
First storm formed June 4
Last storm dissipated October 29
Strongest storm Leon (160mph, 917hPa)
Total storms 11
Hurricanes {{{hurricanes}}}
Major hurricanes 66
Total damages Unknown
Total fatalities Unknown

I will work on this season s


A tropical wav2e came off the coast of Africa, developed over the next couple of days and entered a very favorable environment which allowed it to become the first tropical depression of the season only a few hundred miles East of the Leeward Islands on June 4th. As the tropical depression intensified into Tropical Storm Areil the next day, it took a sudden turn to the North missing the Leeward Islands although heavy rainfall and a wind gust of 38 MPH were reported in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2 days later, Areil intensified into a hurricane a couple of hundred miles South of Bermuda causing hurricane watches to be issued, however, Areil's tricky ways were only beginning to show up as she took a sudden curve to the Southwest and West. Intensifying very slowly but surely, 2 days later Areil strengthened into a category 2 hurricane a couple of hundred miles East of North Carolina. By that time, forecasters predicted Areil would continue West towards the United States and possibly strike as a high end category 2 hurricane or low category 3. But Areil had yet another trick up her sleeve. Instead of aiming West at the United States, she took a sharp turn to the South and targetted The Bahamas and maybe even affect Georgia or Florida. Unfortunate for her development, she encountered a coastal cold front which nearly teared her apart and caused her to rapidly weaken into a category 1 hurricane on June 11th when she got extremely close to The Bahamas and the next day back to a tropical storm just off the coast of Southeast Florida. But she still had her moves and she turned due to the East and 2 days later ran over Haiti. She moved dangerously slow dumping torrential rainfall and causing numerous deadly landslides. 20 were killed in Haiti and by June 15th, she was all gone &nbsp

Tropical Storm Barry

Tropical Storm Barry TS
Barry 1960 Camille 1969 track
Duration June 23—June 26
Intensity 45 mph, 997 mbar

Hurricane Cristina

Hurricane Cristina 5
Cristina 1960 Helene 1958 track
Duration July 25—August 2
Intensity 170 mph, 917 mbar

Hurricane Danny

Hurricane Danny 1
Danny 1960 Isaac 1988 track
Duration September 3—September 9
Intensity 75 mph, 988 mbar

Hurricane Esther

Hurricane Esther 4
Esther 1960 Hortense 1996 track
Duration September 5—Sepember 11
Intensity 140 mph, 937 mbar

Hurricane Frankie

Hurricane Frankie 1
Frankie 1960 Ernesto 2006 track
Duration September 8—Sepember 10
Intensity 75 mph, 987 mbar

Hurricane Gloria

Hurricane Gloria 2
Gloria 1960 Danielle 1998 track
Duration September 12—Sepember 19
Intensity 105 mph, 965 mbar

Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo 1
Hugo 1960 Ingrid 2007 track
Duration September 16—September 21
Intensity 85 mph, 984 mbar

Tropical Storm Iris

Tropical Storm Iris TS
Iris 1960 Iris 2001 track
Duration September 22—September 26
Intensity 70 mph, 989 mbar

Hurricane Jack

Hurricane Jack 3
Jack 1960 Alex 2004 track
Duration October 2—October 12
Intensity 120 mph, 952 mbar

Hurricane Kara

Hurricane Kara 5
Kara 1960 Katrina 2005 track
Duration October 19—October 23
Intensity 160 mph, 921 mbar

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