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Gaming: The Body Behind the Screen


What happens to a gamer behind the screen?  How does one’s body enter play?  How is the mind and body changed through playing?
This paper will answer these questions through data gathering and analysis, and derive direct and defined connections between 
understanding how a players body and at times mind is changed through playing World of  Warcraft.

1. Introduction

Physical space
Drinking/ Smoking/Drugs and Caffeine
Eating Habits
Rituals and spirituality
Disorders (obsessive compulsiveness)
Voice communication
Body Language

2. Physical Space

Bassem and Ahmed’s

3. Drinking/ Smoking/ Drugs and Caffeine

Scott and Sidrah’s

4. Eating Habits

Bassem and Ahmed’s

5. Hygiene

Scott and Sidrah’s

6. Rituals and Spirituality

Scott and Sidrah’s

7. Disorders

Bassem and Ahmed’s

8. Voice Communication

Scott and Sidrah’s

9. Body Language

Bassem and Ahmed’s

10. Conclusion

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