[2006-12-01 17:26:18] <yqbd> Are you Christian?

[2006-12-01 17:26:40] <maz341> YES>>>>>>>

[2006-12-01 17:26:42] <JMSchattke> "Christian" - as in a follower, in the end of the Pope? No.

[2006-12-01 17:26:59] <maz341> who calls the Messiah Yahushua

[2006-12-01 17:27:04] <JMSchattke> I do follow the teachings of the Messiah, Yahushwa :-)

[2006-12-01 17:27:14] <maz341> no..not all christians follow the pope

[2006-12-01 17:27:19] <maz341> i do to

[2006-12-01 17:27:24] <maz341> and i read tora

[2006-12-01 17:27:27] <JMSchattke> maz341, the very term implies it :-)

[2006-12-01 17:27:29] <maz341> but i am a christian

[2006-12-01 17:28:34] <maz341> i have seento many people healed and been healed myself to say otherwise

[2006-12-01 17:29:00] <maz341> it is a case of people seeking Yawhe more and learning more of the truth

[2006-12-01 17:29:08] <maz341> as i did

[2006-12-01 17:30:50] <JMSchattke> well, i suppose. I just dislike being lumped in with all the crazies who don't follow anything Yahushwa said to do.

[2006-12-01 17:31:06] <maz341> true

[2006-12-01 17:31:28] <maz341> but i am not going to say anythng against christians as i was like them too once

[2006-12-01 17:32:00] <maz341> and in His mercy i was able to learn about shabbat and the feasts as well as other things


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