Episode 1: A dual day

Plot: Jason, Sarah, Ed, and Alex try to have fun on a day when nothing odd Happens

Subplot: Ash and SkullHead try to Resurrect Ash's old Vietnam Buddies

Alex’s Near Death: Nearly Killed When Bowling Ball Hits his Head. / Attacked by cat zombies

Episode 2: Governor West, Or Governor Zombie Carter

Plot: Adam West and A now Zombied, Jimmy Charter Run for Governor of Gary County.

Subplot: SkullHead and Sarah try to prevent a zombie Uprising

Alex’s Near Death: Falls in a grave/ Hit by an Angel Tombstone/ Nearly Killed by Zombies

Episode 3: Taco Bell

Plot: SkullHead gets a new Dog who can only say the word Taco.

Subplot: Jason gets a new cat Called Phil

Alex’s Near Death: Attacked by monkey, nearly eaten by Taco.

Episode 4: Cow mutilation

Plot: Aliens Attack the cow Fields. Forcing SkullHead, and Sarah to go in under cover.

Subplot: Ash Gets His first case as a lawyer, and has to defend an Ax Murderer

Alex’s Near Death: By Ax Wife

Episode 5: The day before

Plot: Ash and Jason try to remember what they did the Day Before after they tested a new Kind of Root Beer.

Subplot: Ed and Alex Steal a $40,000 Car

Alex’s Near Death: Hit by Car

Episode 6: Devil in the Flesh

Plot: On a Sunday, the Devil Comes to Church. Causing Religious Problems.

Subplot: Zim tries to take over The Public Broadcasting Station

Alex’s Near Death: Nearly Run over By Devils Car

Episode 7: Ed's Day off

Plot: Ed Skips School and Forces Jason and Alex to join him.

Subplot: SkullHead takes Taco for a Walk.

Alex’s Near Death: Falls off A cliff

Episode 8: Alcoholic-A-Olympics

Plot: Ash join a new Kind of Olympics where the winner gets a years supply of Alcoholic Root Beer.

Subplot: Jason, and Ed Spy on Sarah’s Date with a vampire.

Alex’s Near Death: Bit by a Vampire

Episode 9: Darth SkullHead

Plot: Mr. SkullHead Sees the First Star Wars Movie for the First time.

Subplot: Ash Is Arrested

Alex’s Near Death: Skullhead’s Light Saber

Episode 10: President Ford Comes to town

Plot: President Harrison Ford Visits Sticksvill and Jason wants an autograph

Subplot: Ash's Chainsaw hand goes missing

Alex’s Near Death: Ash’s Chain Saw.

Episode 11: The Christmas Episode

Plot: Jason, Sarah, Ed, and Alex Celebrate both Christmas and Hanukah

Subplot: Taco tries to kill Phil the Cat

Alex’s Near Death: Noun

Episode 12: oh man it's Canada

Plot: A wicked Canadian named Vicky Tries to Force Adam West to surrender is Power to her.

Subplot: Aliens Kidnap SkullHead and think he is their God

Alex’s Near Death: Shot by Laser

Episode 13: Soup Operas are illegal

Plot: Sarah goes Mental when Soup Operas are dimmed Illegal in Gray County.

Subplot: Zim Tries To Infiltrate Lucas Film and Steal an Army of Battle Droids

Alex’s Near Death: Battle Droids

Episode 14: Restaurant at the end of the high Way.

Plot: Alex gets Throw off the Bus daring a field Trip and Ends up at a Restaurant where several Movie Stars work.

Subplot: Jason, Ash, Ed, and Sarah Try to Get Zim to make contact with his home Planet.

Alex’s Near Death: Run over By Truck.

Episode 15: The Big Chomp

Plot: Jason's Pen Pal Chomp C. Chopper Decides to move to town, But the shock is that not only is he not Human, But He's also been Rejected from Entering the country by Adam West.

Subplot: Taco Runs Away

Alex’s Near Death: Attacked by Big Dogs

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