The varied research about the social or psychological influence of the internet sometimes reaches to limited or erroneous conclusions - because it uses cross- sectional data to draw causal implicaions and because it does not distinguish between the varied uses of the internet - different uses of the internet yield differet effect on its users.

This research aims to differenciate among uses of the internet and to identify wheather these uses lead to changes in other media use (TV in particular). one hypothesis is that internet will reduce the dominance of T.V. among american households, as TV led to the reducing in listening to radio, reading newspapers or going to the cinema. The TV is a technology that displaces another technology since it can be used for similar actions as the old technology.

Does inernet use influence the time spent on TV viewing? each research done in this field claims to different resaults; one claims that using a PC did not decrease the duration of TV viewing, another one states that the internet did not become a substitute to TV viewing and a third one have found that the internet reduces the length of TV viewing. A forth one claimed that using the internet increases the use of TV viewing as well as the use of other media. -

The researchers of this study expect the changes of TV viewing to be dependent on the kind of internet use: - those who use the net for entertainment and news purposes, will use TV less. - those who use the net for social interaction or online commerce will use TV same as before.

Resaults. In general, internet use is associated with decline in TV viewing, but: 1. heavy internet users view TV more frequently. 2. TV viewing increased in 200-2001 in general- however this datum was less trong among heavy net-users, compared with non-users: during this period non net-users watched more TV and heavy net-users watched TV less. 3. those who use the internet for entertainment, health information and for commerce, are the heavy TV users. 4. those who use the internet for social interaction with new people are not heavy TV users.

For further information- please dont ask me, it was confusing enough!

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