This is a community writing project (the name is only a working title), running concurrently with the development of a new wargame based around the Warhammer 40000 system (but only very loosely). The rules for this system can be found on this site: Librarium-Online. Meanwhile, the background to the universe the game is set in is being changed, to avoid copyright issues and other such nasties... this wiki is the main forum for that.

Unfortunately, the project is currently progressing in a very holistic fashion, and so parts come out in a rather unrelated fashion. This is why this page is rather uncoordinated and illogical - bear with me, I'm working on it.


After the development of the Lethal 40K ruleset on the Librarium-Online forum, some of the creators decided that the project would be improved by having its own background, rather than the 40K one it is currently using. Although the ruleset functions perfectly well within the confines of the 40K universe, I feel that it would benefit from a new, more logical background. Hence the page.

In brief: The universe created here bears some similarities to the Warhammer 40000 universe (hereafter referred to as W40K), but not too many. Several new races have been added, the emphasis on religion and gothicism has gone, and science has become much better explained. Reality gets a look-in as well, for a first.

From this page, links will go out to all the major races (subdivided into histories, current affairs, military, fiction, etc). The discussion page will contain any work pending/major updates...



Human Factions

The Nuitan

The Demorritan

The 'Yren Irtan

The Truth

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