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Any word on the William Paterson U. Medieval/Islamic job? (4/30) Yes, position filled (5/1/07)

Is there any news about the NYU / Aphrodisias position? I believe finalists were selected, as job talks were scheduled in early(?) April. (4/30)

Has Smith hired an Americanist? (4/12) I know an offer was made but their top choice went elsewhere, not sure if they've made a second offer (4/13)

Any word on who has been offered architectural history positions at Boston U, UCLA, Villanova (Humanities dept), UNC-Charlotte? (4/11) UCLA is still conducting on-campus interview (4/12)

 Job offer made (5/1)

BU hired Paolo Scrivano (letter dated 4/19)

Any word on the Fordham Ren/Baroque job? (4/10) Finalists have been selected Has an offer been made yet?

Any word on the Temple job? (4/8) Offer made (4/14)

Did anyone hear from Sonoma State University TT, Assistant Professor (as of 4/6)?

Any word on College of the Holy Cross campus interviews?

Has anyone who interviewed for the Columbia Mellon Postdoc on 30 March heard anything yet (as of 5 April)? no word yet as of Mon 4/9 in the AM. they said at the interview they would get back to us 'soon,' though. has the committee gotten back to anyone on this? (4/11)

Any info on the Visiting Assistant Professor position at Oberlin?

Any word on who was hired at the Norton Museum? (3/27; 6:00 p.m.)

Does anyone have info on the Temple University Critical Studies/Aesthetics position in the Dept. of Painting & Sculpture? I haven't even received an acknowledgement of my application or AA forms... (03/11/07) Offer made (4/14)

Any info on Drew University campus interviews? Search has been postponed until 2007-2008.

Brock U. (Art Hist/Western Intellectual Traditions) Anyone hear anything?

Does anyone have info about the URI position? No news on URI. Have heard that search continues, but no news on what stage it is in. URI arranging campus interviews for early May (contacted 4/18). Rejection letter received (5/30).

Any info on the UIUC Americanist position? Yes, first choice declined in March, second offer made.

Does anyone have information about the U. Delaware position? (Please don't erase again!) Campus interviews for Americanist conclude 3/22. (3/19) Have they made an offer? (3/30) They were on spring break last week so could not meet until around now (4/6) Offer has been made 4/9 First choice declined position 4/27 Americanist search closed with no hire 5/4/07

Any info on RISD - Have those of you who applied received acknowledgements of application? Did they interview all the candidates at CAA? No word from RISD for me, as of 3/7. Yes, they interviewed at CAA. No word for me on a campus visit, as of 3/7. Campus visits currently taking place, as of 3/14. Any more info? Offers made? (3/29) Yes, offer made and accepted (3/30) Any info on U Hartford medieval to eighteenth century job? are they still deciding?

Any info on the Vanderbilt 19th Century position? Have they invited any finalists for interviews? Letter rec'd that position was filled. 4/5

Any information on the pre-1400 job at UCSC?

Any information on the Artist/Scholar position at UCSC? (3/25/07) Yes, they interviewed at CAA. Yes, they interviewed by phone. No word for me on a campus visit, as of 3/25/07.

Any info on the Harvard ancient/classical art history job as of 3/15/07? Campus visits have been scheduled as of 4 April

Are the Ithaca Non-Western/Classical on-campus interviews finished? (3/16) No, they are still in the process of on-campus interviews. There is a job talk scheduled next week. (3/16) Interviews finished, offer made.

Does anyone know anything about the Buffalo State search? (3/16)

Any info on the Miami University of Ohio one-year search? (3/16)

Any info on the Oklahoma State University TT search? (3/16) Letter rec'd that position was filled (5/11)

Ithaca Visual Culture job: Have candidates been invited to campus for the Ithaca Visual Culture job? (3/23) Rejection email 3/27. I had a phone interview two weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything since. (3/28) On-campus interviews through beginning of May.


Museum positions University of Wyoming Nelson Atkins Parsons/Cooper Hewitt Museum (design history)

Architectural history Carleton U University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (ancient to early medieval) University of Texas, A & M, University of Texas, Arlington( received very nice letter acknowledging application 1/30) UIC (History of Design) California College of Arts (received letter acknoledging application dated 2/12) Illinois Institute of Technology (received letter acknoledging application dated 2/13) University of Illinois at Chicago (modern architecture) Harvard Graduate School of Design (received letter acknowledging application in Decemeber; asked for further written materials in early January - no further word)

American Delaware (x2, as of 3/9/07). Does anyone have more information? (See above) Kutztown University (Visual Studies specialist in Dept of Art Ed and Crafts) Just out of interest, is there anyone else on this board who applied for this position and waiting to hear from KU? IUPUI/Herron School (Contemporary Scholar of Public Art)

Early modern European U Southern California - confirmed receipt of application, Jan. 25 (1/26/07, 8:30pm) Fordham (1400-1800) -confirmed receipt of application, Dec. (1/26/07, 8:30pm); asked for further materials in early January Binghamton - confirmed receipt of application, Dec. Florida State (1400-1600) Oklahoma State (Ren/Baroque) - confirmed reciept of application, 2/15

Medieval William Paterson University of New Jersey (Medieval/Islamic)

Modern Adrian College Bloomsburg University California University of Pennsylvania CUNY Hunter RISD - confirmed receipt of application, Feb. 8 (2/11/07, 8:49 pm) Salisbury University (no respose as of 03/08/07) University of South Dakota Winona State

Non-Western Christopher Newport University Kansas City Art Institute

Contemporary California College of Art (Chalsty Chair; Aesthetics) Barnard College U Texas

PRELIMINARY INTERVIEW: Either by Telephone or at CAA (note which)

Museums Harvard University Art Museums: telephone interview, 2/14

Classical Cleveland State (Classical or medieval) phone invitation for CAA interview 2/10 Ithaca College (CAA interview scheduled) (Classical/Non-Western)


Non-Western Ithaca College (CAA interview scheduled) James Madison University (contacted Jan 24 CAA interview) Whitman College (CAA)

Medieval Vassar College (Medieval) - email invitation for CAA interview sent 12.15.06 (updated 1.26.07, 5:10 pm) UC Berkeley (Medieval Art) - email invitation for CAA interview sent 1.25.07 (updated 1.26.07, 5:10 pm) Florida State University (Late Antique,early Christian, Early Medieval) - email invitation for CAA interview sent 2.2.07 Tufts University (Medieval Art and Architecture) - CAA interviews scheduled University of Kansas (Medieval Art) - CAA interviews scheduled Tulane (Medieval Art) email invitation for CAA interview 2/2, updated 2/4, 6:05 pm) University of Hartford (Medieval to 18th C.) email invitation for CAA interview 1/29, updated 2/4,6:31 p.m.) Committee will meet no earlier than late February. Louisiana State University (Medieval) email invitation for CAA interview Feb. 6 Loyola College of Maryland (Medieval/Islamic), phone call on Feb. 8 to schedule CAA interview California State University, Long Beach (Medieval, Baroque, African or Islamic) -email for CAA interview sent 2.8.07, SEARCH CANCELLED- 2/13/07- position not funded (posted 2/24) Source? Has anyone received formal notification of cancellation of the search? I was told by the dept. that if the search was cancelled, letters would be sent (4/2) I received an email from the head of the search committee the week of Feb 12th explaining that the funding did not go through, and that, should alternate funding be identified, they would resume the search and arrange for telephone interviews. There has been no further contact since this email on my part. CSULB does not seem to be extremely organized about their search, so a lack of a formal letter is not surprising. (4/3) Letter of search cancellation received (4/25) Cleveland State (Classical or medieval) phone invitation for CAA interview 2/10 Virginia Tech Phone invitation for CAA interview 2/12

Renaissance Wellesley - email invitation for CAA interview sent 2.1.07 (posted 8:22 pm 2/1/07) Chapman University-phone interview 1.18.07 College of the Holy Cross-CAA interview called to schedule 1.23.07


19th Century European Univ of Utah (contacted Jan 31 for CAA interview) RISD contacted for CAA interview Feb 9 Tulane (contacted for CAA interview first week of February)

American Rutgers University (contacted Jan 19 CAA interview) Smith VAP (contacted Jan 24 for CAA interview) Temple U (contacted Jan 30 for CAA interview) U. of Ill. Urbana/Champaign (contacted Jan 28 for CAA interview) Emmanuel College (contacted Jan 30 for phone interview)

Architectural History Boston University (CAA interview 2/15)

Latin American, African American

Modern Reed (contacted Jan 23 for CAA interview) U Houston Clear Lake (contacted for phone interview Jan. 26) Bryant (contacted for CAA interview) St. Louis U. (contacted Jan 30 for CAA interview) Coastal Carolina U (contacted Jan 30 for CAA interview) Skidmore (CAA interview. contacted Feb 3) UNC Asheville (CAA interview. contacted Feb 8) Creighton University (CAA interview, contacted Feb 9)

Contemporary UC Riverside (contacted Jan 10 for CAA interview) Swarthmore College (CAA interview) U Illinois Urbana-Champagne (Contacted Dec 20 for CAA interview) Iowa State (contacted Jan 11 for CAA interview) Drew University (Contacted Jan. 16 for CAA interview) Pittsburg State (contacted for interview on 03/06/07)

CAMPUS VISIT (Please write when contacted and the date you post)

Modern/Contemporary University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (campus visits finished as of Feb. 6) Stony Brook (campus visits underway as of early february - but senior candidates being interviewed at CAA) Cal Poly SLO (campus interviews scheduled for late-Feb, early-March) Bryant 2/22/07 UNC Asheville (invited 2/23/07) Ball State (invited 2/23/07) Northern IL, DeKalb (3/7/07) St. Joseph's U (Phila) concluded campus visits 3/27 (4/12)

19th C Utah (email for campus visit rcvd 2/26/07) Campus visits concluded

American Rutgers Temple Smith (invited week of 2/19/07, posted 2/24/07)

Medieval University of Notre Dame (Medieval)- finalists have been selected (rumor of a potential insider/spousal hire - just a rumor) University of Georgia, Athens (Western Medieval) Loyola College in Maryland (Medieval/Islamic): contacted Feb 19th for campus visit University of California, Berkeley (Medieval): contacted Feb. 20th for campus visit Vassar College (Medieval): 2.22 email invitation for campus visit (updated 2.22.07) Tufts University (Medieval Art and Architecture): contacted Feb 22 for campus visit University of Kansas (Medieval): campus visits set up 2.28 Louisiana State University: campus visit set up late march (4/3)

Early Modern Princeton (1400-1800) - candidates invited to campus - early March

Baroque UC Riverside, 17th/18th c (contacted Jan. 24 for CAA interview; candidates invited to campus early March)

Non-Western Ithaca College


_Modern_ Bryant Marlboro College, VT (email 4/20) Reed college (architecture) ( 2-10; extremely polite rejection letter) Swarthmore (rejection letter received 2-22) Creighton (rejection rc'd 2/28) St. Louis U

_19th C_ Vanderbilt

_Medieval_ Villanova University (architecture)(1/16, snailmail) University of Georgia, Athens (1/19, snailmail) University of Kansas (1/23, email) UC Santa Cruz (1/29, snailmail) University of Notre Dame (2/22, snailmail) University of Chicago (2/26, snailmail) Cleveland State (3/26 usual rejection letter) University of Hartford (4/16 very kind, personalized email rejection!)

_Renaissance& Baroque_ Stanford - (2/5/07, snail mail) Fordham - (2/17/07, snail mail) Wheaton - (3/7/07, email in response to my query. They have invited three candidates for on-campus interviews)

Architectural History University of North Carolina at Charlotte (rejection letter dated 2/15) USC (snailmail)

Non-Western Ithaca College (email rejection letter 2/29/07)


Museums Norton Museum

Medieval University of Chicago (1/29): Aden Kumler (Harvard/CASVA) University of Notre Dame (2/22): Danielle Joyner (Harvard) University of Georgia (3/8): Stefaan van Liefferinge (Columbia/Rutgers) Loyola College in Maryland (Medieval/Islamic) (3/9): Maureen O'Brien (UNC-Chapel Hill) UC Santa Cruz (3/23): Maria Evangelatou (Courtauld) Florida State University (3/27): Lynn Jones Tufts University (4/2): Karen Overbey (IFA/Seattle University) Vassar College (4/23): Andrew Tallon accepts offer (Columbia) UC Berkeley (4/23): search will continue Kansas: Valija Evalds (Yale/Smith) (4/18) Louisiana State University (4/27): Nick Camerlenghi (Princeton) William Paterson University of New Jersey (Medieval/Islamic) (5/1)

17th/18th UC-Riverside (4/13): Kristoffer Neville (Princeton)

American Lewis and Clark (Matthew Johnston [Chicago/Radford]) Western Kentucky University (hired an Americanist, 03/08/07) Rutgers (Tanya Sheehan [Brown/Columbia post-doc], 3/30) Illinois (Jennifer Greenhill [Yale], as of c. 4/1)

Architecture Northeastern University (hired Lucy Maulsby, announced 4/6) University of Virginia (hired Sheila Crane, announced 4/12) Texas A&M (hired Sarah Deyong) Boston University (hired Paolo Scrivano [Turin/Toronto], announced 4/19) UCLA (hired Dell Upton, announced mid-April) UIC (Esra Akcan, [Columbia], announced 4/16) UIC [History of Design] (Robin Schuldenfrei, [Harvard], announced 4/16) Villanova University [Humanities Department] (Margaret Grubiak [University of Virginia], announced mid-April)

Modern/Contemporary UC Irvine (Julia Bryan-Wilson [UC Berkeley/RISD], as of c. 2/20) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Cary Levine [CUNY/MoMA], mid Feb.) UNLV (Kirsten Swenson, SUNY Stony Brook/Case Western Reserve University) UNC Asheville University of Utah, Lela Graybill [Stanford] Reed (don't know who, however. Maybe you do?)

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