Storm Andrea

Storm Andrea
Storm Andrea
Formed November 13-November 14
Pressure 987 mbar

Andrea, the first ETS system to be named was named on November 13 and had a pressure of 987 mbar. It is currently over Manitoba, Canada and is heading east. It dissipated the next day.

Storm Barry

Storm Barry
Storm Barry
Formed November 13-November 14
Pressure 992 mbar

Barry was named 2 minutes after Andrea and is called Doreen by a meteorological service in Europe. It moved out of the AOR the next day.

High Maria

High Maria
High Maria
Formed November 16-Unknown Date of Dissipation
Pressure 1039 mbar

Storm Carol

Storm Carol
Formed November 19-
Pressure 1007 mbar

Storm Names


  • Andrea
  • Barry
  • Carol (unused)
  • Dorian (unused)
  • Erin (unused)
  • Fritz (unused)
  • Gabrielle (unused)
  • Humberto (unused)
  • Ingrid (unused)
  • Jerry (unused)
  • Kara (unused)
  • Luke (unused)
  • Melissa (unused)
  • Nestor (unused)
  • Olga (unused)
  • Pablo (unused)
  • Rebekah (unused)
  • Sebastien (unused)
  • Tanya (unused)
  • Van (unused)
  • Wendy (unused)


  • Maria (Active)
  • Josephine (unused)
  • Laura (unused)
  • Kristina (unused)
  • Vicky (unused)

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