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Tropical Storm Ada

Tropical low


Duration 27 March – 31 March
Intensity 45 km/h (30 mph) (10-min) 1002 mbar (hPa; 29.59 inHg)

On 27 March, TCWC Darwin noted that a weak Tropical Low had formed in the w:Arafura Sea. Over the next few days, the Tropical Low drifted northwards into the w:Banda Sea where it began to intensify slowly. w:JTWC issued a w:Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert but was soon canceled due to the lack of w:Coriolis effect and land interaction. Early on 31 March, w:Joint Typhoon Warning Center downgraded Tropical Low 21U to "Poor", due to the loss of Low Level Circulation Centre (LLCC) and issued a cancellation of a w:Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert. Later that day, TCWC Darwin noted that the low remained weak and disorganised with the structure of the low hadn't improved in the last 12 hours. TCWC Darwin also noted that the low was unlikely to form into a tropical cyclone due to a low to mid-level dry moving into the area associated with an strong ridge to the southeast of the low. Late on 31 March, the low weakened and TCWC Darwin ceased issuing advisories.

  • 90P INVEST 090331 1200 7.4S 129.0E SHEM 20 1007
  • 90P INVEST 090331 0600 7.6S 129.2E SHEM 20 1007
  • 90P INVEST 090331 0000 7.8S 129.5E SHEM 20 1004
  • 90P INVEST 090330 1800 8.3S 130.2E SHEM 25 1004
  • 90P INVEST 090330 1200 8.9S 130.2E SHEM 25 1004
  • 90P INVEST 090330 0600 9.2S 129.8E SHEM 25 1004
  • 90P INVEST 090330 0000 9.4S 129.6E SHEM 25 1004
  • 90P INVEST 090329 1800 9.2S 129.4E SHEM 25 1004
  • 90P INVEST 090329 1200 9.0S 129.2E SHEM 25 1004
  • 90P INVEST 090329 0600 8.6S 129.3E SHEM 25 1004
  • 90P INVEST 090329 0000 8.6S 129.6E SHEM 15 1010
  • 90P INVEST 090328 1800 8.6S 129.9E SHEM 15 1010

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