Tropical Cyclone Lawrence

Category 1 tropical cyclone


Tropical storm


STS Enok 10 feb 2007 0824Z.jpg
Duration November 18 – November 22
Intensity 65 km/h (40 mph) (10-min) 989 mbar (hPa; 29.21 inHg)

On November 18, a tropical low formed west of the W:Port York Peninsula. It slowly strengthened and became Tropical Cyclone Lawrence soon after. This strengthening soon stopped as Lawrence entered cooler waters. Lawrence became extratropical on November 22.

Tropical Cyclone Mara

Category 2 tropical cyclone


Tropical storm


Tropical Cyclone Bento 2004.jpg
Duration December 12 – December 19
Intensity 110 km/h (70 mph) (10-min) 968 mbar (hPa; 28.59 inHg)

On December 12, a tropical low formed in the Indian Ocean. It quickly moved westward and strengthened into Tropical Cyclone Mara. Mara then entered a period of rapid strengthening as she reached warm waters. Her peak intensity of 70 mph 10-min and 1-min winds made her a very strong category 2 cyclone or a very strong tropical storm. Soon afterward, Mara entered a region of colder waters and high wind shear and disintegrated. Mara stopped weakening as a tropical low and then slowly began extratropical transition which it completed on December 19. Mara caused no damage or deaths in the open waters of the Indian Ocean.

Storm Names

Tropical Cyclone Naming List
Anika Anthony Allison Alfred Ann
Billy Bianca Bruce Blanche Blake
Cathy Carlos Charlotte Caleb Claudia
Dean Dianne Dylan Debbie Damien
Edith Errol Ellie Ernie Esther
Fredrik Fina Freddy Frances Ferdinand
Gabrielle Grant Gillian Greg Gretel
Hadi Heidi Hadi Hilda Harold
Ilsa Iggy Ita Ira Imogen
Jasper Jasmine Jack Joyce Joshua
Kalena Koji Kirrily Kelvin Kimi
Laurence Lua Lam Linda Lucas
Mara Mitchell Marcia Marcus Marian
Neville Narelle Nathan Nora Noah
Olga Oswald Olwyn Owen Odette
Paul Peta Quang Penny Paddy
Rebecca Roy Robyn Riley Ruby
Sean Sandra Stan Savannah Seth
Tara Tim Tammy Trevor Tiffany
Vince Victoria Uriah Veronica Verdun
Zelia Zane Yvette Wallace --------

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