2011 Atlantic hurricane season


Tropical Storm Arlene

Category 1 hurricane


Otto oct 8 2010 1505Z.jpg
Duration June 6 – June 13
Intensity 90 mph (150 km/h) (1-min) 981 mbar (hPa; 28.97 inHg)
In the second to last week of June, a tropical wave formed and traveled across the Caribbean with little change in organization. By the last weekend of June, the wave slightly organized and was headed for a more favorable environment in the Bay Of Campache although interaction with an upper-level low and Central America prohibited significant imminent development. By June 27, however, it entered the Bay Of Campache and began to develop at a decent pace and finally on the evening of June 28 was declared Tropical Storm Arlene. Tropical storm warnings were immediately issued for parts of the Mainland Mexican coast then by June 29 as it gathered more strength were changed to hurricane watches then warnings shortly before landfall on the morning of June 30 packing winds of 65 MPH. Major flooding killed 25 people in Mexico although it was also looked at as a positive event because of the severe drought in the areas drenched by Arlene.

Hurricane Bret

Category 5 hurricane


Hurricane Frances 27 aug 2004 1640Z.jpg Bret 2011.png
Duration June 14 – June 19
Intensity 160 mph (260 km/h) (1-min) 938 mbar (hPa; 27.7 inHg)
In Mid-July, a tropical wave emerged off Africa Coastline. Relatively high shear kept it from developing significantly at first although the shear soon relaxed and it began to gradually organize. By July 19, as it entered the Central Atlantic, ships reported gale-force winds and early on July 20 it gained a closed circulation therefore it was declared Tropical Depression Two. Tropical storm watches were up for parts of the US Virgin Islands and later that day it strengthened somewhat and was upgraded to Tropical Storm Bret so the watches were changed to warnings. A high-pressure ridge however forced it to re-curve well before initially forecast and therefore the watches and warnings were discontinued as it began travel Northward. A small region of unusually high SSTs helped it go under a brief rapid intensification period and briefly strengthened into a category one for about 6 hours then as shear increased and SSTs decreased it began to weaken at a swift pace. Forecasts now aimed it at Bermuda as a weak tropical storm so tropical storm watches were issued but Bret turned away and weakened into a depression before reaching Bermuda, only one inch of rainfall was reported from the moisture.

Tropical Storm Cindy

A strong tropical system that brought heavy amounts of rain to Yucatan and Belize. The storm claimed 2 lives.

Tropical storm


Karen dec 3 1989 1921Z.jpg
Duration June 25 – June 28
Intensity 65 mph (100 km/h) (1-min), 997 mbar (hPa)

Tropical Storm Don

A disorganized area of low pressure off the coast of The Bahamas started moving southeast. It encountered favorable conditions and quickly developed into Tropical Storm Don. Don slowly creeped towards Florida as a tropical storm. It made landfall 6 hours later as a tropical storm with peak winds of 45 mph in Long Beach, Florida. Don rapidly weakened and dissipated over Georgia

Tropical storm


Alex aug 1 2004 1602Z.jpg
Duration July 6 – July 9
Intensity 45 mph (75 km/h) (1-min), 1004 mbar (hPa)

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