2013 Atlantic Hurricane season

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The 2013 Atlantic Hurricane season is an extreme below-average season with 5 storms reported. The season began on June 1, 2013 with the formation of Tropical Storm Andrea. Hurricane Dorian is the latest hurricane reported and the last of a series of 4 Category 5, 4, and 3 hurricanes. This super-ferocious storm impacted the US East Coast with winds up to 160 mph (260 km/h), before heading north and becoming an extra-tropical hurricane and steering towards Europe.


Tropical Storm Andrea TS
Duration June 1—June 12
Intensity 77 mph, 998 mbar

Hurricane Allison

On June 1, a tropical wave near the African West Coast was starting to become closely monitored by NOAA. The next day, it became more concentrated as it reached the Canary Islands as a depression and it quickly intensified into a tropical storm, and was given the name Andrea. Andrea dropped 600mm of rain water on the islands and affected them with 60 mph (95 kph) winds before moving out into an area of vertical wind shear in the Mid-Atlantic and dissipating on June 3.

Hurricane Barry

Hurricane Barry 2
Hurricane Floyd
Duration June 2—June 7
Intensity 100 mph, 947 mbar

Hurricane Barry made landfall on Florida as a strong Category 3, killing over 200 with 130 mph winds.

Tropical Storm Chantal

Hurricane Chantal was a strong Category 4 and impacted NYC, NJ, VI, and NC. 26,000 died as a massive storm surge blasted through the states. 3 people died when a supercell caused by the storm uprooted a tree and blasted it into an apartament block in New York. Chantal formed on June 8, when a low-pressure area became more concentrated as warm water evaporated. Then warm air began to swirl around it and became Tropical Storm Chantal. Then rapidly turned into a strong Category 4 hurricane. As it moved into New England, 300 people died and 800 people were injured. And it moved into cooler waters and weakend down to a Category 2. 100 people were injured and 30 people died in Canada. It then rapidly weakend to Tropical Storm Chantal and a few hours later became a remnant low over the Candian polar regions.

tropical Strom Chantal 1 Duration
June 8-June 16
Intensity 155 mph, 935 mbar

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian was the strongest Category 5 hurricane in recorded history which had 230 mph winds and made landfall first at the Yucatán Peninsula as a strong catagory 5 and emerged into the gulf of mexico 12 hours later as a strong catagory 3 were it ecounterd a very warm eddy.. rapid intensification re occured and again Dorian was back to a catagory 5 with 180 mph winds, on June 15th Dorian made landfall in Key West, Florida. Dorian was the most damaging hurricane of all time, tearing through florida costing in total 197 billion usd claiming 5000 lives. It then became a remnant low on June 21. And it was so windy that we could not get how windy it was and get to the eye of the storm.

Subtropical Storm Erin

Hurricane Feranda

Hurricane Gabe

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