The 2014 Annual Wheelchair Race was held in the town of Quahog and was won by Joe Swanson after Andy Pipkin was disqualified for trying to cheat his way to the finish line - he ran the last three laps, ditching his wheelchair.

Joe was the favourite to win the race and was cheered on all the way by his fellow Spooner Street residents.


  • 1. Joe Swanson - 0:30.594
  • 2. Frank Williams - 0:31.003
  • 3. Penny Pocket - 0:31.247
  • 4. Stephen Hawking - 0:31.986
  • 5. Lizzy Taylor - 0:35.843
  • RET. Franklin D. Roosevelt - Fell into gorge
  • DSQ. Andy Pipkin - Disqualified for cheating

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