Severe Tropical Storm Nari (Ai)

Severe tropical storm


Tropical storm


20110522 TC 04W.jpg
Duration May 8 – May 14
Intensity 95 km/h (60 mph) (10-min), 991 hPa (mbar)

A monsoon trough formed 800 miles west of Hawaii. The storm organized, and became Tropical Depression 01W, or Tropical Depression Ai. Ai became disorganized, and PAGASA downgraded it to a tropical low. The low continued moving to the Philippines, without intensification. However, this trend did not last long. The bands of the low deepened, and the low was a tropical storm and was given the name Nari. Nari intensified quickly, prompting the Philippines to evacuate. When Nari became a severe tropical storm, JMA thought of the possibility of Nari surviving the trip and making it towards Vietnam. Nari made landfall in Northern Luzon with winds of 70 mph, right before becoming a typhoon. The storm grazed the Philippines, soon making it to the South China Sea and turning northeast. Before becoming extratropical, the storm slammed Taiwan and headed north towards Alaska. The storm died out on the way there.

Typhoon Raichun (Bedores)



Category 2 typhoon


Typhoon Utor 13 dec 2006 0305Z.jpg
Duration May 20 – May 29
Intensity 150 km/h (90 mph) (10-min), 977 hPa (mbar)

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