2378 web

The 2378 Milwaukee Road F3 AB diesel of 1956 is one of the more desirable and sought-after postwar F3's. It continued a theme at Lionel which was to introduce new and colorful roadnames to its diesel line during the mid-1950's. Unfortunately, sales of this mid-western roadname were poor and the 2378 was discontinued after one year. In addition to being available as a separate-sale item, the 2378 also headed up one freight set. As with all dual-motored postwar F3s, the Milwaukee Road diesels are another set of high quality F3 diesels produced by Lionel. Although they lack some of the detailed exterior features of the earlier F3s, their durability was still top-of-the-line. As with most of the diesels from that era, when properly maintained, they will run as strong today as the day they were produced.

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