There 25 Songs Of Barneys 10th Anniversary In 1998

#25 Barney Room

Barney Wants To Dance For A "Barney Room" For His Elbows To Do A Greatest Dance For Barney

#24 Super Barney

Little Barney Wants To Go To The Movies To See "Super Barney" Then Super Barney Wants To Be A Hero

#23 Barney Got A Bone

Barney Was Going To The Museum To Look A Dinosaur Bones

#22 Telephone Barney

Barney Want To Call On The Phone For Everybody Because He Likes To Call On The Phone

#21 Tiny Barney Number Nine

A Man With A Number 9 On The Tie Playing A Pool Table Then Barney Was Tiny Dinosaur For Addition Number 9

#20 Barney Dreams

Barney Had A Good Dream Of Walking At The Park For Barney The Dreams Of The Night

#19 The Great American Dinosaur

Barney Going Had A New American Adventure Then Barney Saw The Statue Of Liberty Since 1886

#18 Barney Dollars

Barney Going Got $1 Dollar For A Chocolate Bar But Barney Loves Dollars

#17 Luau For Two

Barney Got A Saling Boat To Go To Hawaii For A Addition Number 2 Aloha

#16 Barney Count By Fives

Barney Want To Count For Addition Number 5

#15 Barney's Jungle Adventure

Barney Was In Imagination Island In A Light Blue Sky When Barney Was Going On The Jungle Then In A Light Purple Sky Barney Ride A Ship With Big Balloons Float In The Sky

#14 Camp Barney

Barney Was A Camp Scout He Loves To Camp In The Forest

#13 King Barney

Barney Was In The Magical Castle He Was A Prince He Ride With A Horse To Catch That Sorcerer Then Barney Kick Off The Sorcerer And Save The Day Barney Could Be A King

#12 Barney And The Eight Ball

Barney Got A 8 Ball To Count For A Addition Number 8

#11 Big Top Barney Zero

Barney Went To The Circus For A Hoop That Make Like A 0 For A Addition 0, 1 & 10 Barney Loves The Circus

#10 Sailor Barney

Barney Ride A Boat To Get On The Army Ship Then Barney Has To Be A Sailor Then Barney Saving The Ship Barney Loves To Be A Sailor

#9 A Dinosaur Is A Thing

Barney Look On The Television To See Something Ahead!

#8 Barney Planet

In Outer Space Barney Was A Astronaut He Look At The Planets Then Barney Look All The Things In The Galaxy Barney Loves To Go For In Outer Space

#7 Barney And The Magic Three

Barney Saw The Magic Number 3 For A Addition Number 3

#6 The Fifty States

Barney Saw The Fifty States The 1st State Is Delaware Since 1787 To The 50th State Is Hawaii Since 1959 When Barney Look At The Fifty States Of America

#5 Questions

Barney Saw A Question Mark Sign Because Barney Loves Questions ?

#4 Treasure Barney

In The 17th Century Barney Opened A Lid On A Bottle For A Rainbow Beard Pirate To Go To Find A Treasure Then He Found A X Marks The Spot Then He Got A Treasure

#3 Barney, Barney, Barney It's A Loveable Day

Barney Wakes Up In The Morning He Got A Newspaper Then Barney Works In The Office Barney Got A Employee Of The Month For A Beautiful Day

#2 I'm Just A Barney

Barney Was Going To The Court House To See A Judge Because He Said Barney I'm Very Proud Of You And Barney Has Being Good

#1 Choo, Choo Train For Barney

Barney Was A Train Conductor For To Go On The Train Then Barney Sleep With The Sleeper Car And Barney Loves Trains    

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