Jimmyandfriends's music spoof of "Music from and Inspired by Strawberry, Alvin and The Great Escape".


  1. CartoonTales Theme Song
  2. I Won't Go to Beans
  3. Those Marigold Dunces are Up to No Good
  4. What's Up with Isabella?
  5. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
  6. The Battle Prelude
  7. King Candy's Song
  8. The Battle is Not Ours
  9. Lost Puppies
  10. We're Barber-Barians
  11. Mung Daal
  12. The Worst Barber-Barian
  13. Kilts and Stilts
  14. Oh MacChowder
  15. We're Barber-Barians/MacChowder Norrius Reprise
  16. Brothers of the Highland
  17. Oh Scotty Boy
  18. Brave (Sara Bareillies)
  19. Oh Lone Stranger
  20. The Boy That We Call E.B.
  21. Birds and the Bees
  22. God Did
  23. A Mess Down in Egypt
  24. The Mayor Wouldn't Listen
  25. Oh Lone Stranger (Reprise)

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