Curse of Tongues is a MUST against healers. If the warlock does not remember to put it up please call for it.


  • Whenever we can only see one of our opponents we will immediately attack them to try and force the stealther out of stealth and determine a further strategy.
  • If both of our opponents are stealthers then we will posistion ourselves for the warrior to get the shadow sight buff. (It spawns after 90 seconds)


  • Any druid not shapeshifted (most likely restro spec) will be the warlocks job to keep busy in almost any circumstance.
  • Any feral druid that also appears to be the main healer will be the primary focus of both the warlock and warrior. If the feral druid has a healer the warrior will stay on the druid while the warlock occupies the healer.
  • Moonkin spec that do not have a healer will be the primary target of both the warlock and warrior. If the moonkin druid has a healer, no matter what the healing class is, the warlock will keep the healer busy while the warrior works on the moonkin druid.


  • If the hunter, no matter the spec, does not have a healer it will be the warriors job to keep him from killing the warlock from a distance. The warlocks job will be to take down the other enemy.
  • If the hunter, again no matter the spec, has a healer (Priest or Druid) it will still be the warriors job to keep him off of the warlock and to try and get his health low fast. The exception is if the healer is a paladin or shaman. In this case the warlocks job will be to try and take the hunter down while the warrior keeps the paladin occupied. (If the paladin bubbles {BoP or DS} the warrior will run to the hunter {saving intercept to get back on the paladin} to add some dps until the bubble ends.


  • Mages, no matter the spec, will be the warlocks job to take down.
  • If the mage has a warrior we will ignore the warrior and focus fire the mage.
  • On a 2 mage team the warrior will pick a target and the warlock assist. If the mages are standing close enough together the warrior can charge/intimidating shout. The warlock will also try to CC the 2nd mage. If the mages are different specs (1 fire, 1 frost) the fire mage should be taken down first while trying to keep the frost mage under CC.
  • If we get a mage/restro druid the warlock will go for the druid while the warrior does his best on the mage.


  • In most any paladin fight the warrior will be keeping him occupied while the warlock takes down the other opponent.
  • If the paladin has a warrior we will focus fire the paladin while the warlock applies minimal CC and dots to the warrior.


  • Priests, no matter the spec, will be the warlocks job to take down/occupy.
  • If the priest is shadow spec and does not have a healer, the priest will be focus fired.
  • If a shadow priest has a priest healer, the warrior will attack the shadow priest while the warlock gets the healer.


  • Rogues for the most part will be the warlocks problem as they usually attack him first. If the other class with the rogue is one of classes the warrior does not perform well against the warrior will switch off to the rogue.
  • If the rogue has a priest or druid the warlock will switch to them.
  • Against 2 rogues, if possible one target will be focus fired. Try to CC the rogues as soon as possible.


  • Shamans have very quick heals and good kiting capabilities. This means that in any 2v2 where one member is a shaman, we will need to focus fire one opponent. Unless the shaman is paired with a warrior, we will kill the shaman's teammate first, while trying to cc the shaman as much as possible to interrupt his healing. Curse of Tongues is of course, imperative.
  • In the event we run in to a dual shaman team we will kill the non resto shaman first, and then move on to the resto shaman.
  • The warrior will be primarily responsible for taking out Grounding,Tremor, and Earthbind totems with hamstring.


  • Warlocks can be taken down by either the warrior or the warlock. The warrior will be the first choice to take down the warlock.


  • Warriors for the most part will be ignored until his teammate is down.
  • The warlock will provide minimal CC to the warrior.

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