This is the 2nd Leuge in the Black Army.


Kaku, the Leader of the 2nd Leuge, is a gangster/baseball type. He uses to swords and a baseball bat whit spikes on. He also hits or throws flame balls at his opponents.

Next Leader

Sutaro(Bomb Color), the Next Leader of this Leuge, is also a gangster type, but a little more chill. He's abbilitys is to throw boms in different types at his opponents.


His elites are:

  • Jugo(Lava Color): He is the most normal in the 2nd Leuge.
  • Suzuki(Ice Color): Suzuki are a wild boy whit the Ice abbility.
  • Tobi(Spike Color): This guy is the most wild one in the 2nd Leuge. He can throw spikes, summon spikes from the ground or from the walls and he can transform his body to spikes too. He is a killer-weapon.
  • Kagou(Growth Color): This is the most tiny guy in the whole serie. He has to sit on large stones to talk to someone, but his Color Power lets him grow bigger and more mature, and he becomes much more crazy! He only thinks of killing when he puts on his Color!
  • Kari(Animal Color): She is a wierd girl. She talks like an idiot but thinks like the smartest in the world. Her Color Power can: Summon animals where ever she wants and what ever she wants. She can also transform into animals.


  • Satero: He is just a random soldier in the 2nd Leuge. He got killed by Kaku.


The Main Lair in the 2nd Leuge is the 2nd Base. The 2nd Base is a big temple whit a giant baseball on top of it.

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