Episode 16: Lawsuit

Plot: Chomp, With Ash for a Lawyer, Sews Adam West and The Government, And Starts to win when the Government goes to his side.

Subplot: Zim Thinks Jason is a gray Alien.

Alex’s Near Death: Zapped by Zim’s Ray

Episode 17: Snuggle Bunny

Plot: Jason, Alex, Ed, and Chomp Go Hunting for the Legendary Snuggle Bunny, and Sarah Tries to stop them

Subplot: Ash Gets Stranded on A disserted Island.

Alex’s Near Death: Shot

Episode 18: Ash's Show

Plot: Ash Gets to Host his own Talk show

Subplot: Jason and Ed try to make a Video Game.

Alex’s Near Death: Stabbed by Pencil.

Episode 19: School Play

Plot: Jason Gets Rolled for the Part of the Hero Wile Sarah is rolled for The Leading lady

Subplot: Chomp and SkullHead Become Rival Novelist Alex’s Near Death: Sand Bags Land on him.

Episode 20: Backpacks are for Geeks

Plot: Alex Losses His Back Pack, but Makes a big Debate about it.

Subplot: Jason and Ash go fishing

Alex’s Near Death: Janitor tries to kill him

Episode 21: Whale Hunting for Dummies

Plot: Wile on the Ocean Ash, Chomp, and Phil Get Recruited By Whale Hunters

Subplot: Ed Hacks into the White House Computer

Alex’s Near Death: FBI Gun Shots.

Episode 22: Ash's Vs the People of Sticksvill

Plot: Ash is sued by the People of Sticksvill for nearly destroying the town. Subplot: SkullHead becomes an Alcoholic

Alex’s Near Death: Hit by SkullHead’s Car

Episode 23: Phil the Communist Cat

Plot: Jason, Ed, Alex, And SkullHead Discover that Phil Is from Russia and is Really 50 Years old

Subplot: Zim Hypnotizes Sarah into dating him to win a bet Made by Chomp

Alex’s Near Death: Hit by Russian Hammer

Episode 24: When Aliens Attack

Plot: Aliens Kidnap Chomp and switches him with his Clone, And then Ed Catches It on Video

Subplot: Ash has to Dive 3000 Miles to get a new Drivers license

Alex’s Near Death: Attacked by Chomps Clone

Episode 25: Night of the Dawn of the Day in the Land of the Ding Dong Dead

Plot: Jimmy Charter Rises from the Dead to take over Sticksvill

Subplot: Chomp, Jason and Sarah Go See Washington D.C.

Alex’s Near Death: Shot in the Head

Episode 26: Deathland Part 1

Plot: SkullHead Dies and Goes to Heck, Which Has Just Changed it's name

Subplot: Ed and Chomp Try to Cover Up SkullHead Death.

Alex’s Near Death: Hit by Jack Hammer

Episode 27: Deathland Part 2

Plot: SkullHead tries to meet the Devil to Return to Earth.

Subplot: Ash tries to get off Hostess Ho-Hos.

Alex’s Near Death: Sythed by SkullHead

Episode 28: Skullhead's Past

Plot: Wile looking at some old Photos, SkullHead Tells Ash, Taco, And Chomp About how he and The Kids Met, Along with The Origins of Jason's Hair Loss, Ed's Scar, and Why SkullHead has no body.

Subplot: Jason Accidentally Ships Phil to Japan

Alex’s Near Death: Past/ Strangled by Monster Present/ Air Plane Door Opens

Episode 29: Nightmare of Stone Street

Plot: Chomp and SkullHead Start Swapping Dreams, Causing People to get killed.

Subplot: Ed, Alex, and Sarah discover a wormhole in the Basement

Alex’s Near Death: Dream Monster tries to kill him

Episode 30: If god was a frog…….

Plot: Alex Talks to God, and Gets him to come to His little Sisters Birth Day Party

Subplot: SkullHead And Zim Discover That the Aliens are about to Invade the Earth.

Alex’s Near Death: Struck by Lightning

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