Does anyone have a photo worthy of addition ?

Course members in no particular order

(feel free to add /edit }

Andrew Baird

Mike Kitcher

Andy Richardson (d)

Richard Stroud

Grant Simpson

Les Nagy

Suthep Chantrapunth

Craig Phasey

Jim Whalley

Noel Puzey

Tim Lewis

David RIddel

Dave Smith O129877

Pete Wardle

Leon O'donohue

Paul Nowland

Tommy Woodrow

Steve Maneschi

Rob Morris

Andrew Smithers

John LeMarquand

John Tauschke

Craig Sambell and his brother

Grant Fischera

Dave Sampson

Boila boy

Greg Stewart

Glen VanDer Lende

Rox Dawson

Mick Halloran

Omar Rafei

Wayne Murray

Ian Murray

Brook Adcock


Daryl Monaghan (1st year)

David Murnain (3 days as I recall)

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