• Jerry as Doug Funnie
  • Frank as Roger Klotz
  • Jake Tazmanian Devil (from Taz-Mania) as Willie White
  • Bart Simpson (from Simpsons) as Boomer Bledsoe
  • Porkchop (from Doug) as Himself
  • Thomas as Skeeter Valentine
  • Homer Simpson (from Simpsons) as Bud Dink
  • Mr. Scaley (from Doug) as Himself

Voice Cast

  • Billy West - Jerry, Frank and Bart Simpson
  • Fred Newman - Porkchop, Thomas, Homer Simpson and Mr. Scaley
  • Doug Preis - Jake Tazmanian Devil


  • Frank: Matt Ishida was just walking through the forest, when out of nowhere, a tree start punching him! Hear that, Jerry? A punching tree!
  • Frank: From now on, everything is going to be different between you and me. I think we're going to be real good friends. In fact, to show you just how close we are, when we get back home, I'm gonna come over to your house more often for dinner. And, I may need to borrow your bike. And if you're lucky, I may just let you loan me some money.

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