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The Brave Little Toaster

December/January 2002

  • Front Chicago Times (An Adorable Kids Will Treasure)
  • Spy Character Profile (Blankey)
  • Back Letter ("B") Joel Sigeal Good Morning America Says("Disney's Does It Again!")
  • Tape (Sticker Label
  • Printdate (December 14 2002)
  • ==The Brave Little Toaster Goes To Mars==
  • ==October/November 1999==
  • Front (THX Sortified Right Here)
  • Spy Charcter Profile(Baby Robbie)
  • Back Letter "I" Tom Hanks ("The Pigs Sparkles With Real Knowing In Outer Space?!?"
  • Siskel and Elebur says ("Two Thumbs Up!")
  • Blue Tape (Black Sticker Label)
  • Printdate (November 18 1999)
  • Coupons
  • ==The Brave Little Toaster To The Rescue==
  • ==June/July 1997==
  • Front (The Original Animated Classics)
  • Spy Charcters Profile (Masie and her Kittens)
  • Back Letter "P" The Boss EnGlow says(Loads of Fun!")
  • Tape (Ink Label)
  • Printdate (July 22 1997)

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