• Jack Cates as Mario
  • Reggie Hammond as Luigi
  • Albert Ganz as Bowser
  • Luther as Toad
  • Billy Bear as Yoshi
  • Ben Kehoe as Donkey Kong
  • Elaine Marshall as Princess Daisy
  • Captain Haden as Iggy Koopa
  • Rosalie as Pauline
  • Detective Algren as Toadsworth
  • Detective VanZant as Oogtar
  • Detective as Wario
  • Lisa as Princess Peach
  • Casey as Princess Rosalina
  • Sally as Birdo
  • Candy as Toadette
  • Cowboy Bartender as Waluigi
  • Patrol Officer #1 as Kamek
  • Patrol Officer #2 as Boo
  • Policewoman as Wendy O. Koopa
  • Big Cop as Diddy Kong
  • Old Cop as Petey Piranha
  • Plainclothesman as Sultan Pasbah
  • Torchy's Patrons as Iggy Koopa, Ludwig Von Koopa, and Bowser Jr.

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