In superted and the stolen rocket, Texas Pete dreams of conquering the universe, he steals a rocket ship and heads for outer space. Superted and Spotty chase after him, with spectacular results In superted and the inca treasure, Superted travels to the Amazon to rescue the treasure of an ancient civilisation In superted and the elephant's gravyard, For the first time in history an elephant flies in a space rocket, as Superted and Spotty travel to Africa to find out who is stealing ivory from the traditional resting place of the African elephant. In superted and the train robbers, There is an avalanche of laughs as Texas Pete hijacks a train in the Alps. Unfortunately for him, Superted and Spottyman are taking a sking holiday in the area. In superted and the giant kites, In a mountainous part of mid-Wales, a rare species of birds is in danger. Texas Pete is stealing eggs for his collection. In superted and the pearlfishes, Texas Pete wants to take over all the oyster beds of the South Pacific Island, but he has to beat Superted first! In superted and nuts in space, Superted is on the strange Planet Polly which is full of wild and weird parrots, but the poor parrots are starving as somebody has been intercepting the rockets that supply their only food…nuts. Superted investigates. In superted and the city of dead, Texas Pete is up to his old tricks again, but this time he is taking a big risk while searching for gold in the City of the Dead. Will he and the archaeologist he has kidnapped survive? In superted at creepy castle, Is the creepy castle haunted? Or is Texas Pete up to his old tricks? Join our heroes Superted and Spotty to discover the truth. In superted on planet spot, Superted is on a visit to friendly Planet Spot, the source of the magical cosmic dust. But the planet is not quite as friendly as it once was, when the evil Texas Pete gets up to his usual nasty tricks. In superted at the funfair, A little boy is on his last ride of the holiday, but it turns out to be a much more frightening ride than he’d bargained for, when he find he’s been kidnapped by Texas Pete. Superted comes to the rescue once again. In superted and the goldmine, Superted is enjoying himself in the heart of Africa, but unbeknown to him Texas Pete is on an unofficial and unwelcome visit to a local gold mine causing trouble once again. In superted at the toy shop, Will the sinister event at New York’s most famous toy shop cause Superted to forget that tomorrow is his best friend birthday? In superted goes to texas, Texas Pete gets homesick for Texas and other people’s fine longhorn cattle. But when Superted treats him into a ‘ripping’ ride on one of the longhorn, Tex feels that he just cannot stay! In superted in the artic, When Superted and Spotty take a break from playing their new video “Knocking Mammoths off Ice-bergs” they discover being knocked off ice-bergs is not much of a game after all! In superted in space part 1, Spotty’s little sister, Blotch, unwittingly aids Texas Pete in his dastardly plan to take over Superted’s Space Station. In superted in space part 2, The Spot family find themselves in the hot seat thanks to the evil cunning of Texas Pete. For some strange reason, Superted doesn’t seem to care. Can he really ignore his friends when they need him most? In superted and the gun smugglers, Something sinister has been frightening the fish off the west coast of Wales…confirming Spotty’s very worst suspicions about the Salty Earth Sea! In superted in spotty and the indians, After a crash in his rocket ship, Spotty begins to see spots everywhere – even on the earth creatures! Superted meanwhile can see something far more menacing – the barrel of Texas Pete’s hunting gun. In superted and the crystal ball, A strange gypsy fortune teller predicts death for Superted and showers of gold for Bulk, Skeleton and Texas Pete. Can this really be so? In superted and the lumberjacks, Someone is cutting down the trees in the wildlife park. Superted and Spotty go to the aid of the animals whose homes are being destroyed and find lumberjacking’s as simple as falling off a log! In superted's dream, Whilst Spottyman is visiting Mother Nature with a new doll-friend of his, Superted suffers the most dreadful torture at the hands of a ghastly, fat baby! What a nightmare! In bulk's story, Bulk tells skeleton a story of how Bulk and Texas Pete first met up in gaol, and how they encountered Skeleton. In superted meets father christmas, This year Father Christmas appears to be stealing the children’s presents rather than bringing them. Superted and Spotty get well and truly snowed under answering calls for help… In superted and mother nature, Texas Pete travels to the Magic Cloud and forces Mother Nature to dose him with the same medicine that gave Superted magic powers. In superted and the magic word part 1, Texas Pete thinks of a very clever way of discovering the magic word. After playing a trick on Superted and Spottyman he sneaks into the Tree House and hides listening devices in secret places but then everything depends on Bulk. In superted and the magic word part 2, Bulk has heard SuperTed's magic word and can fly 'like a bear'. But will Tex catch him before he forgets the word? In superted and the pothole rescue, SuperTed is perplexed. What should he do first? Find Spottyman who is lost underground or save Linda before her head disappears under the water. In superted kicks up the dust, Spottyman believes that the cosmic dust should be placed where everyone can see it. But Superted disagrees. In superted and the whales, Before Spottyman has time to sit down in his bath, the alarm rings and off they go to save the blue whale stuck on a lonely beach in North Wales. In superted and the gorila, Bulk finds and ideal friend and runs after him into the forest, leaving Skeleton at the mercy of the wild animals. In superted and the great horrendo, Superted’s magic powers are temporarily impaired as the Great Horrendo splits his best friend and his heart in two. In superted goes round the bend, Superted has bought a car – just so that Spottyman can teach him to drive. But someone else’s beady eyes are fixed on the new machine. In superted and tex's magic spell, Texas Pete is willing to break all the rules in order to conquer his arch enemy. He is even willing to stoop so low as to steal his favourite teddy bear from his bed in the middle of the night. In superted in china town, Tex turns everything topsy-turvey and Superted goes overboard in a San Francisco restaurant. In phanton of ol' opry, When a bump on the head gives SuperTed amnesia, Texas Pete convinces him he’s a member of his gang. It’s all part of Tex’s nefarious scheme to be a country music superstar. Can Spotty restore Ted’s memory before Tex’s crooning shatters any eardrums? In knox, knox, who's there, Texas Pete kidnaps Spotty’s pet Speckle, and forces him to reveal the secret location of Comic Dust. Using its magical powers, the bad guys knock over Fort Knox. SuperTed and Spotty must stop the thieves and return the gold to the Treasury. In dot's entertainment, In The Brazilian jungle, SuperTed and Spotty search for the missing scientist who’s been kidnapped by a primitive tribe. When the tribal leader tries to get rid of all of them, they discover that he’s sold the tribal land to theme park developers. In bubbles, bubbles everywhere, Texas Pete joins forces with SuperTed to return Bubbles the Clown, a fiendishly clever crook to prison. The reason is Bubbles has deprived Texas Pete of his position as Public Enemy Number One. In the mysticetae mystery, When a whale swallows the sunken treasure Texas Pete was salvaging, he goes after the big mammal. He kidnaps a little girl and her pet whale and forces them to help him. It’s SuperTed to the rescue of the girl and her pet. In texas is mine, Texas Pete steals the entire state of Texas and blasts it into space – the largest rancho in the Galaxy! It’s up to SuperTed and Spotty to get the Lone Star State back where it belongs. In we got nutninkhamun, Texas Pete gets his hands on Cosmic Dust and uses it to bring an ancient mummy to life. Then the whole gang is off to Egypt to make the mummy lead them to the secret treasure. Can SuperTed stop them before they steal priceless artifacts? In sleepless nights, SuperTed and Spotty travel to Lethargia where the children are all having the same scary nightmares. Ted enters their dreams to help. There he confronts the dreaded Sleepless Knight, whose goal is to give children everywhere nightmares. In ruse of the rajah, In India, a young Prince calls on SuperTed to help him learn to be a better ruler. What they don’t know is that this wicked uncle is plotting to do away with the boy and seize power for himself. Can Ted save the young Prince? In leave it to space beavers, Wicked Dr. Frost uses a diabolical weather machine and a band of ravenous Space Beavers to lower the world’s temperature. It’s up to SuperTed to stop him from coating the earth in ice, forever! In farewell, my lovely spots, Spotty’s spots have been stolen, and it looks like Texas Pete is the culprit. Only a ransom of cosmic dust will get them back. In a brilliant bit of sleuthing, SuperTed discovers that it was the work of a Texas Pete look-alike all along! In ben fur, SuperTed and Spotty journey to the “Kids Town Satellite”. SuperTed recounts his adventures on the planet “Fluffalot” where he defeated the Hairmongers and their leaders, Julius Scissors and Marcilia in a series of “Ben Hur” like contests. In spotty earns his stripes, Spotty gets drafted into the Spotted Army. He becomes the unsuspecting dupe of the two spies from the enemy Striped Army, who plan to invade the planet. Can SuperTed help his friend in time to fend off the invasion? In superted and the rattler, Why don’t we steal a poisonous snake and give it to Tex as a present? said Bulk. A wonderful idea replied Skeleton. And they go off to the Zoo. The series was on S4C and BBC 1 in 1983 and it won a BAFTA in 1987. 36 superted episodes took 10 minutes and 13 more superted episodes took 22 minutes. The narrater and the others were voiced by peter hawkins, Superted was voiced by derek griffiths, Spotty was voiced by jon pertwee, Texas pete was voiced by victor spinetti, Bulk was voiced by roy kinnear, Skeleton was voiced by melvyn hayes, Mother nature, Blotch and the others were voiced by sheila steafel And The two girls from superted and the pothole rescue were voiced by myfanwy talog.

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