4Kids/Cinderella is a parody with Cinderella sounds and 4Kids clips. This is made by Pikachufreak.


  • Sarah Cornwell as Cinderella
  • Amzen as The Fairy Godmother
  • Tom Majors as Prince Charming
  • Imthor as The King
  • Connor (War Beasts) as The Grand Duke
  • Kaz Kalinkas as Jaq
  • Peyton Steele as Gus
  • Bianca as Mary Mouse
  • Arnold (Sarah's cat) as Lucifier
  • Parker (Tom's dog) as Bruno
  • Various Codemasters as Blue Guards
  • Krystella as Prudence
  • Jycella as Stepmother
  • Bruiser as The Messanger
  • Lulu as Anastasia
  • Maureen as Drisella
  • Shinwan as Pom-Pom
  • Sam Shady as Sir Hugh
  • Sanjay as The Baker
  • Morton (Peyton's Elephant) as The Elephant
  • Kaz's Mice as The Mice

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