4Kids Versus Klasky Csupo is a television series that premiered on September 13, 1997. The series is created by Pikachufreak.


  • In this parody of Marvel Versus Capcom, the show resolves on Ash Ketchum. He lives at Fighter Headquarters with his fellow 4Kids characters Gary Oak, Zoey Hanson, Tooty The Elephant, Bailey, Kikki Benjamin, Alex Davis, Max Taylor, Marina, King Dedede, Ken, Dr. Eggman, Leonardo, Sonic, Corina Bucksworth, Damian, Tails, Koji, Krystal, Bridget Verdant, Rex Owen, Chigusa, Renee Roberts, Rebecca, Scott Abernathy, Yami Yugi, Connor and Rick Wheeler and 28 Klasky Csupo characters Tommy Pickles, Otto Rocket, Ally Williams, Ickis, Mitchie Ohara, Annie Roberts, Twister Rodriguez, Jake Hanson, Ginger Foutley, Grimace, Dil Pickles, Krumm, Lars Rodriguez, Chuckie Finster, Samantha Rivers, Jonathan Brooks, Hamburglar, Phil DeVille, Eliza Thornberry, Audrey Jones, Sam Dullard, Carmen Angelo, Oblina, Clara Rogers, Bro Anderson, Darwin Thornberry, Scott Jones and Ronald McDonald. Premiering on September 13, 1997, the series is a production of Klasky Csupo Inc and Hanna Barbera. It is currently in its 17th Season and shown on Disney Channel.


  1. Ash Ketchum
  2. Gary Oak
  3. Zoey Hanson
  4. Tooty The Elephant
  5. Bailey
  6. Kikki Benjamin
  7. Alex Davis
  8. Max Taylor
  9. Marina
  10. King Dedede
  11. Ken
  12. Dr. Eggman
  13. Leonardo
  14. Sonic
  15. Corina Bucksworth
  16. Damian
  17. Tails
  18. Koji
  19. Krystal
  20. Bridget Verdant
  21. Rex Owen
  22. Chigusa
  23. Renee Roberts
  24. Rebecca
  25. Scott Abernathy
  26. Yami Yugi
  27. Connor
  28. Rick Wheeler
  29. Tommy Pickles
  30. Otto Rocket
  31. Ally Williams (Grey DeLisle)
  32. Ickis
  33. Mitchie Ohara (Terri Hawkes)
  34. Annie Roberts (Stephanie Morgenstern)
  35. Twister Rodriguez
  36. Jake Hanson (Tara Strong)
  37. Ginger Foutley
  38. Grimace
  39. Dil Pickles
  40. Krumm
  41. Lars Rodriguez
  42. Chuckie Finster
  43. Samantha Rivers (Terri Hawkes)
  44. Jonathan Brooks (Samuel Vincent)
  45. Hamburglar
  46. Phil DeVille
  47. Eliza Thornberry
  48. Audrey Jones (Grey DeLisle)
  49. Sam Dullard
  50. Carmen Angelo (Candi Milo)
  51. Oblina
  52. Clara Rogers (Jennifer Hale)
  53. Bro Anderson (Yuri Lowenthal)
  54. Darwin Thornberry
  55. Scott Jones (Greg Cipes)
  56. Ronald McDonald


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