The Fourth Ulster Rangers division are a division formed out of British men from the county of Ulster. In 1836 Governor General Dermot O'Connell of Ireland brought the Fourth Ulster Rangers division to aid Sir Robert Thessigers 7th division in the war with Xhosa. War With Xhosa They landed on the 25th of March 1836 in Port Elizabeth. After a heroic march the 4th rendezvouzed with the 7th in Queen Adelaide Province. Upon arrival the two division cooperated in beating back a native division and occupying the province.

After this victory the two divisions marched on East London and defeated a native unit with minimal casualties. The capture of East London was completed by 29th of October.

Together with the 7th and the Boer Mounted Cavalry the 4th marched on Transkei. Two division of natives stood against the imperial army. The battle ended victoriously but Governor General Dermot O'Connell was shot in the foot triggering the War of the Foot with Portugal.

War of the Foot On July 14th the 4th continuing its operations with the 7th landed in Sao Paulo de Laonda. This was followed up with landings in Sao Tome, Bissao and Kape Verde.

The 4ths actual combat in the war of the foot only began after the official peace was signed. Portugese aristocrats mobilised in the name of freedom from opression when they would not mobilise for Portugal raised small forces in Sao Paulo de Laonda and Sao Tome.

After the defeat of these units the 4th returned to Ireland for a military parade and some well deserved time at home.

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